Tips on How to Win at Your First Date

You could easily figure out if a couple is on their first date in just a glance. Awkward pauses, nervous looks, out of context topics, and the immense pressure of creating a good impression looming large. Both of them will be nicely groomed but not overdone, they sit stiff, are formal, and scan their surroundings and menu. Additionally, their hesitation is quite evident in their mannerisms. Long spans of silence are broken by short conversations from time to time. If you have found someone to date from an online dating site, it may seem like a daunting task to impress the complete stranger.

The girl you had dreamt for, finally said yes. Now, what? Have you started preparing for tonight’s date? Here are few dating tips for men to make your first date a success.

1) Plan sensibly

Depending on the climate, choose a place that will please her and make her comfortable. The place should also be conducive for a peaceful conversation. Don’t opt for concerts, movie halls or any other noisy place where you two can’t communicate due to the noisy environment, rather go for outdoor dating. A movie is never a good first date option as it ruins your first date because both of you are staring at the screen constantly. Even if you don’t know the other person at all, you can at least talk over and laugh on your childhood memories or mini-golf skills together. This is the first and most important dating tip for men.

2) Pay the bill

Even if she forces or insist on paying for the dinner, especially if you had initially planned for the date, don’t let her pay. You may split later by mutual understanding but for now, pick up the check.

3) Stay confident

She has already said a yes to a date with you, so there is no need to get nervous. Biting your nails, sweating constantly, making abrupt pauses during a conversation, and sitting uncomfortably are all symptoms of getting nervous. Just act normal, be yourself, and sit with poise.

4) Dress to kill

You don’t need to be in your formals. It is not an interview, it is just a date. Make sure whatever you wear is well-ironed and is not glittery or hippy. Pick up a simple shirt or t-shirt and wear it with regular jeans or a pant. Try not to mismatch the combination of your clothes as girls love men who are well dressed. Most importantly, ensure that your shoes are polished and your teeth are well-brushed.

5) Be punctual

Reach the place before she does. Be gracious if she is late. Don’t shout at her else you will ruin your date. She probably just didn’t want to show up before you. Moreover, don’t setup romantic date ideas in your first date itself, she might not be comfortable with the same.

6) Talk less, listen more

Few people feel they are an expert when it comes to communication skill as they can talk endlessly. But the ability to speak is just one part of the complete equation and is not the most important one. A conversation is best when there is equal communication between two people. Both of you should get equal turns to share your thoughts, views and put across your likes and dislikes.

7) Peel the onion slowly

Getting to know someone for the first time is like peeling the onion slowly, layer by layer. It is a gradual and safe process. But don’t indulge too much into a conversation and try not to ask her personal questions as it puts the other person on the defensive. If she herself tells you her past then that it isn’t a matter of concern, you shouldn’t initiate asking her the same. If the relationship evolves, you will have plenty of time to get into weighty topics. Getting into meaningful conversation leads to a successful date. Take it easy for now.

8) Slow down

Some people are too frank and they start to reveal themselves too quickly. This gives a bad impression to the other person. In reality, premature or exaggerated revelations stem because of more boundary issues and self-centeredness than true intimacy.

9) Genuine interest pays

On your first date, you cannot reach a conclusion on the course you're dating might take and where it may lead you. For all you know, the other person may end up becoming your life partner or soul mate. Either way, it is quite exciting to know about the other person and get a sneak peek into her world. A great conversation starts with a genuine conversation that begins with sharing your interest. Provide a lot of space to her and make her absolutely comfortable. Don’t forget to wish her good night before departing and let her know the next day that you had a great time.

Dating singles, especially those who have never been into a relationship is quite challenging but you can easily get through with the above mentioned dating tips for men.

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Sarah Scott is an expert who gives dating as well as relationship advice at Love2Datesingles.com. She teaches step by step strategy on how to move further with every passing date. In brief, she is an online trainer who has a genuine love for helping people find their true partners and provides dating tips that help to nurture their love life.

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