Has Eva Longoria Found Love Again?

eva longoria boyfriend
eva longoria boyfriend

Love and philanthropy indeed go hand in hand. Eva Longoria has revealed that she is dating Ernesto Arguello, a Miami-based philanthropist and entrepreneur hailing from Texas like Longoria herself. Media reports swirled months ago that the two had something romantic in the works, but the pair were, in fact, just friends until recently when they began to wonder of the media could see something they hadn't yet discovered for themselves! Now, the pair is traveling together and appears to be a terrific match.

The Meeting

Longoria met Arguello after he was cast on a show she was producing—Ready for Love. While the handsome Honduran chose a former Miss USA to be his romantic paramour, the relationship ran its course back in 2012. Having begun their friendship during the filming of the show, the pair decided that there was more to their relationship than just friendship and began seeing each other just recently. The media may have noticed sparks three months ago before the pair began dating and, perhaps, interested fans caught news of the suspicions on Satellite TV; however, their love appears to be quite new and, delightfully, based on a friendship they've cultivated for many months now.

Longoria in the News

The Desperate Housewives star was recently in the news for her publicized divorce from San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker. Their divorce was finalized in 2011. Longoria was also married to Tyler Christopher, a Young and the Restless co-star who appeared with Longoria during her stint with the show from 2002-2004. Longoria's fan base has following Longoria in the course of her relationships and many believe she has finally met her match as both share a similar cultural heritage, religion, and commitment to philanthropy.

Ernesto Arguello

Along with his brother, Arguello began an organization responsible for building homes and community buildings in impoverished areas. His family hails from Honduras and many projects center there. In fact, he and Longoria recently traveled to Honduras together to meet with Arguellos's family and check on the status of recent building projects. Arguello's organization has built schools and homes for people without them in Honduras. Arguello was born in Texas but lives in Miami.

Love, Show Business, and Philanthropy

Since the two share many common interests, fans are hopeful that their new romance may blossom into a long-term relationship. Longoria may not have worked out with the basketball star and Arguello may not have worked out with the beauty queen, but these two together appear to have a chemistry that is turning heads.

As their relationship grows, count on the media to cover each step of the way. Fans want to hear all about their travels and plans for the future. Reports say that Arguello is “crazy” about Longoria and she has asserted how special their relationship is since they began as good friends. Media articles have been reporting how happy the couple looks and how cozy they appear when spotted together. With fans wishing them well, the pair is captivating onlookers who can't help smiling at new love.

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