Online Dating; Can Love blossom?


Half, if not majority, of people all over the world are living in a virtual world. With technology and globalization we are all forced or trapped in a world that exists online. Our jobs are done or mostly done in front of the computer and so we socialize through the computers. While this is a good thing, because connecting to love ones and friends from different parts of the world is so much easier; this way of life has also limited our world.

And because we are social beings, even though we are tied to our computers we still long to mingle and connect, hence the birth of so many social networking and dating sites. People all over the world connect, meet and start virtual or cyber relationships. This brings us to the question, does love really blossom from online dating?

We have heard of so many stories both good and bad about online dating and yet so many people still subscribe to it looking for love and lasting relationships. They say it is so easy to start a relationship because the distance and the anonymity give them more freedom to be honest and express their thoughts without reservation. While there are some hoax posers still there are others who really find it hard to socialize in the flesh and online dating has given them hope of finding love.

What is amazing about this new way of dating is that people from two different parts of the world find comfort in each other and eventually find love. One partner flies to the other end of the world and tie the knot. Fortunately, because they have established a strong foundation by way of constant and honest communication online, they do end up living as happy couples.

Online dating may not be for everyone but it has definitely made so many lonely people from different parts of the world happier.

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