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5 Dating Niches That You Didn't Know About…

Online dating provides a lot of great options.  Especially today when sites are focusing on strong user communities and social media outlets to connect people. However, a large part of the online dating share is comprised firms looking to cater to a specific demographic.  If you're jewish, there's a site for you.  If you're really into fitness, there's a site for that.  If you're into people who dress up in medieval garb and run out into the forest, questing for queen and country… Well, you get the idea.  There's something for everybody.I would exercise caution when considering joining one of these demographic specific services.  That said, the title states that you fine people are getting five sites that you probably want no part of and might require a spray down with a fire hose. Just sayin.

  1. STD Date.com – Yeah, this site is probably, one might think, isn't terribly popular.  However, I'm wrong.  The niche this site serves, obviously, are those coping with STDs, generally, who are looking for romance with someone else that also has an STD.  The obvious benefit here is that even people with afflictions can still find love in someone else who completely understands what they're going through.  (I should note I'm fighting a cheesy smile as I write this.  I shouldn't, but I can't help it and I'm going to hell.)
  2. Tall Personals – Are you gigantically tall?  Does the thought of a cross country trip in a Fiat make you cry? Are you ready to slam dunk the next person who asks you “Did you play basketball in school?”  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then Tall Personals might be the site for you.  Find your giant/giantess here.
  3. Vampire Dating – For crying out loud.  I knew there was going to be a problem when I saw that ‘Twilight' was getting so freaking popular.  This sort of craze prompts the oddest things.  Lovebitten.com has been around long before the ‘Twilight' series, but has seen a surge in membership since the books and especially the movie.  Anyone want to make bets on the next big niche dating site prompted by our movie industry?  I hope it's the Furries. That's right.  Furries.
  4. Soul Geek – I have to admit, I'm a nerd and a geek.  Huge.  So when I tell you that I was at the San Diego Comic Con this year, I expect not to be judged by you people!  Mmkay?  Great.  So there I was sitting in on a Battle Star Galactica panel when Richard Hatch was saying his thanks for those that showed up at the panel, he went into this diatribe about divorces, being a nerd and finding love again.  Oh yeah, it was a blatant plug for freaking Soul Geek… Dating's never been this nerdy.
  5. Equestrian Cupid –  Did you guys ever see that video of a guy trying to “drop a duece” in the wilderness only to get the Fully Monty from an inspired donkey??? Well this site isn't anything like that, thankfully… It is for those people who share similar interests in animals.  You could find love with someone who likes to dress their horse in Wonder Woman underroos.  The possibilities are endless.
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