A Girlfriend Fit for Cloud Nine?

A girlfriend for the cloud and social networks? A cloud girlfriend.
A girlfriend for the cloud and social networks? A cloud girlfriend.

Oh, Mashable! How is it that anyone at all could hate you? Brenna Ehrlich over at the Mash dropped an interesting morsel for those that pay attention to the whole online dating biz. What’s it about? A new site and service aptly titled “CloudGirlfriend.”

Upon initial inspection of the site, you’ll notice a pair of awesome legs and heels running off the screen. I assure you, dear reader, those are not MY legs. Mine are better, if a good bit smoother and less hairy. The sign-up screen instructs you to create your perfect girlfriend and that’s when the Cloud Girlfriend magic is supposed to happen.

The last step? “Enjoy a public long distance relationship with your perfect girl.”

A Virtual Girlfriend?

Wow. I can see, from a high level, what these people are trying to do. They’re selling an online girlfriend experience or, for our regulars of the former Craigslist Adult section offerings, a Virtual GFE .

I suppose a concept of this type was only a matter of time in coming. Think about it, there’s a drive to push virtualization in a wide variety of industries. In information technology, you can’t talk to someone who doesn’t know who VMware is (if you don’t know, they provide virtualization software for technology enterprises), the real estate industry is in the middle of a “virtual assistant” revolution. VAs help traditional brick and mortar Real Estate agents with their day-to-day operations at a fraction of the cost, if the assistant worked for the agent physically.

I’m not going to lie, I’m curious to see how this all pans out. For now, if you’re intrigued like we are, sign up here.

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    1. You, too, can be a virtual heart breaker, bebe. I'm curious to see how this works out. Will they hire people to manage these girlfriend personas? Just seems weird to me is all. Oh speculation kills…

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