Getting Sauced and Getting Naked

“Wine and wenches empty men's purses” – a wise Englishman. Truer words have never been spoken… Some of you may or may not know that I'm gainfully unemployed and have been without a regular job since May. In other words I've been a man of leisure since my paycheck was claimed by a “work-force reduction.” The reason I mention that is because it allowed me to do something I haven't been able to do since I was still in high school. Get sauced and get naked during the summer pretty much any day I saw fit.

It all started with a little trip up the California Coast and then into the wine country…

My girl is a teacher, so her summer off coincided with my summer of “leisure,” if you will. The first thought that sprung to mind was doing some wine tasting. At the time, I was excited! We would start off on a beautiful and scenic drive up the coast, early in the morning, and by the time afternoon rolled around we could be at any number of wineries enjoying the sweet and bitter fruits of the vine along with yummy cheeses and pizza… Okay, maybe not pizza.

We spent a few days in wine country hitting about every major winery there was. Do you want to know what I discovered? I'm a wino. I also discovered that clothes have a funny way of slipping off your significant other with respect to the amount of wine consumed, if I can be so blunt. This was a very good thing. We discovered that you could bottle up “sexy” and serve for pleasure.

After our wine tasting tour, my gal and I were a bit… lost. You see, we couldn't just wine taste each and every weekend. Also, local wine places were… lacking? A quick analysis told us this: We want good wine, sexy time and we don't want to drive two hours to go get it!

foreplay chardonnay

Enter the Naked Winery and their Foreplay Chardonnay. If sensuality and sexy could be bottled up, it would be in this little bottle of Chardonnay. When combined with dim lighting, mood music (preferably to the stylings of Cameo and those Bee Gees… Don't judge me!) it makes for a delightful evening of teasing and pleasing. I mean, what would you expect from a wine that has “Foreplay” on the label!!?

While I'm not anywhere near an expert on the topic of wines, I can tell you that the wine has a clean and crisp finish. Not too sweet and it has hints of pears, apples and other things I'm hard pressed to pronounce let alone spell.  Sometimes the lady and I aren't able to finish our Vino in one setting, so finding a good bottle of wine that will hold up in the fridge is nice, since we're not always gulping down bottles all in one night.

Get warmed up for Fall! The Folks at Naked Winery are offering 30% discount on all purchases of their Foreplay Chardonnay product to readers of the Urban Dater. Simply Use Discount Code: single

This post is sponsored by the Naked Winery

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