Dressing for your date: The Jacket

How should a man dress for his date?

I'm excited to be featuring a men's fashion piece by Thread Tradition's leading man and fashion expert, Jack Reyer. Thread Tradition is an offshoot of the Blank Label Brand, a good friend of the Urban Dater that helps men look like, well, men. I've long felt that how a man dresses is telling. A man needn't break the bank to look good, he just needs to take appropriate care to look good for his date. That said, I'll let Mr. Reyer educate the fellas on how to dress it up for their date.

When you’re preparing for a date, the last thing you want to worry about is your outfit. I consider appropriate date attire to include similar qualities of job interview clothing; both should be subtle, respectful, and neutral. The only difference being: show a bit more personality in your date outfit.

One key component that every guy should consider for a standard date outfit is a blazer. The blazer (a suit jacket) is a great avenue to express all the necessary considerate messages to your date, but also confirm your individuality. Instead of opting for the dreary notch collared, two buttoned jacket (if you are unfamiliar with those terms check out THIS article from my own fashion blog), think about the double breasted, peak lapelled jacket.

This slimming jacket will show the masculine form of the upper body while also uniquely separating you from the pack. Its subdued look is classic, yet refined; which provides elegance with little effort. Since there is extra fabric on the front of the jacket to wrap around your midsection, always have your buttons clasped. Your slimming jacket will look baggy and ill-fitting if you leave the buttons undone and the front open.

I’ve always enjoyed John Varvatos’ persistently traditional style and slight modifications to enhance the contemporary man’s features. So if you’ve got a few extra coins in your pocket, consider John Varvatos for your date jacket; HERE is one I found on sale at his site! If you need a supreme dress shirt as well, go to my company’s site: www.threadtradition.com for a custom made shirt of the finest qualities. Once you’re dressed to the nines with your brand new clothes, you can ease your mind a bit and focus on her.

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