Why Tinder Continues to be the Best Online Dating Option

Tinder Success Story

The online dating industry has evolved over the years to provide its users with an exciting experience and better matching results.

Tinder, which has almost become synonymous with online dating has played a great part in the overall development of this industry and has helped penetrate many virgin markets.

So what makes Tinder special?

To find an answer to this question we have to understand how Tinder managed to attract the loyalty of millions of people around the globe. 

What makes Tinder so addictive to its users? 

Tinder is focused on giving its users the ultimate dating experience.

While other apps relied on tons of features, lengthy questionnaires, and a lot of animation to attract the attention of the users, Tinder focused on offering easy usability, attractive features, and the latest technology.

According to the founders of Tinder, they got the inspiration to build this app from a psychological experiment conducted in 1948 that managed to transform pigeons into gamblers.

When the user swipe right to show his/her interest in a profile or swipe left to show his/her disinterest, it reinforces a behavior in the user to continue using the app.

While the underlying concept of this app was based on the 1948 psychological experiment, it was further refined by adding attractive features to earn the loyalty of the users.

Some of the features that make Tinder so seductive to its users are as follows.

Remove the stigma associated with online dating 

For many people (especially the older generation), dating was a long drawn process wherein a spark was carefully managed so that it turns into a flame eventually.

They thought that online dating, wherein machines did the matches was a frivolous activity not worth spending their time and money on.

However, Tinder changed this perception by gamifying this process, which attracted the youth and subsequently the older generation also.

The transformation of dating into gameplay, wherein you can invite other people, made people use it regularly.

It is tailor-made for you 

Tinder is easily customizable, which allows the user to look for their match based on some specific criteria.

You can find your match who shares an interest that matches yours (like farming, going on long hikes, being a cinema lover et cetera).

It has lots of filters through which you can select those potential matches who share your wavelength.

As Tinder can provide you with a range of matches based on your requirement, you are likely to continue using it to find more such profiles that share your values and interests.

Matches based on location and a great algorithm 

One of the important reasons why many people love to use Tinder is that it provides you with a list of potential matches who are near you.

This app can find you a match within a 50-mile radius of you.

This is ideal for those who are looking for a quick hookup or for those who want a long-term relationship but want to meet someone who is working nearby so that they can meet often.

This makes it so attractive for those who have limited time on their hand and want to make the best of it.

Attractive features 

The app design and its features make it enticing for users to use it regularly.

The swipe right to show your interest, swipe left to remove it from your list of favorites is such a simple feature that allows people to go through a ton of profiles and select a few that they like at the first glance.

It also provides many filters that you can use to narrow down your search and find the perfect match for yourself.

Several other Tinder features to which users worldwide are addicted are as follows.

  • Chat option.
  • Push notification when a match is made.
  • Super like a profile to attract the attention of a potential match.
  • Use the paid boost feature to improve your chances of attracting the attention of potential matches.
  • The smart photo features make your photos look good using machine learning algorithms.
  • Complete security for the LGBT community profile.

Give top priority to women 

Tinder worked hard to provide an amazing experience to its women subscribers.

Tinder uses a double-blind system, wherein a man can only contact the woman who liked him back; it has eliminated the chance of women getting unsolicited messages.

This ensures that women control who they want to converse with, this makes their stay in this app a beautiful experience that they love to continue.


These were some of the reasons why Tinder has been able to turn dating into an addiction.

The major reason Tinder became successful is its features and intuitive design. The dating giant focuses on launching new & trendy features that help users find their date seamlessly. Moreover, Tinder always thinks about security first before releasing anything. Hence, it is very successful.

Lastly, Tinder is yet to reach new milestones in the foreseeable future.

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