Why Rebound Sex Is The Perfect Medicine After A Break-Up

How would you like to get over your ex-girlfriend in days, or even hours?

You've heard from your friends how being single is a non-stop party. You understand there's plenty more fish in the sea. You've enjoyed playing the field in the past.

Yet, at the moment, maybe all you feel is mourning; the mundane ache of a failed relationship.

So, how can you move past this heartache and into the epic celebration that single life is supposed to be?

There are traditionally two routes you can take;

  • Choose celibacy. Concentrate on friendships, hobbies, and learning who you really are. Wait until your heart has healed until you pursue your next relationship.
  • Sleep with ten other women

I'd win a lot more friends by explaining why the first option is for you.

But, in my experience, it's sometimes easier to get over your ex by getting under another ten.

When to choose celibacy

The most sensational relationships are about so much more than sex.

An incredible girlfriend will also adore you. She'll support you. She'll boost your self-esteem. She'll make you feel like the ultimate man.

If it's these parts of your relationship you're pining for, you're better off taking a break from dating.

You won't find any of this deep affection among your Tinder matches. Nor is it fair to expect anyone to fix these emotional frailties.

Use this time to remind yourself why you're awesome. Focus on hobbies, friendships and having a fantastic time. Learn that you don't need love from a woman to be a wonderful man.

Only then will be you be ready for more romances. You can't love another until you learn to love yourself.

When to choose a sexual rampage

Not everyone needs to go through that process though.

Perhaps you really miss your partner, but you understand that their absence doesn't make you any less awesome.

You never truly needed to be told how brilliant you were. You didn't need her support through tough times.

Maybe you just miss having someone super-close to you. Someone there to share memories and mind-blowing sex.

In this case, it's no use being celibate. You need to slingshot yourself into single life.

The sooner you show yourself there are thousands of other women ready for these adventures, the faster you'll forget about that one woman who didn't want you.

In fact, you'll soon wonder why you spent so long snuggling indoors when there's such a big world out there.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to hook up with multiple women. Men are biologically wired to behave this way. It's completely healthy, provided it's not done to plug an emotional hole.

You won't feel that warm buzz of being in love with these women. That's replaced with short spikes of excitement, heart in your mouth moments and tons of wondering ‘will we, won't we?'

Don't go looking to replace your former lover. Embrace these new experiences instead. It's funny how love tends to find us when we do this.

The unspoken struggles of single life

There are plenty of men who aren't heartbroken after a break-up, but are terrified about finding another woman.

Often, they think they're too ugly, poor or uncharismatic to enjoy the pleasures of single life. And they're too apprehensive to approach anyone they find attractive.

Rebound sex is going to be the best reward the world can give these men. Because in order to get it, they're going to have to experience exceptional personal growth.

Rather than remaining as the wimp who one woman put up with, he now has to become a real man.

He'll have to overcome his anxieties, develop his social skills and discover his inner attractiveness.

By the time he's achieved that, he'll be able to attract women more awesome than any of his exes.

And that's a journey more rewarding than sex itself.

For advice on this journey, including tips on adjusting to single life, escaping anxiety and seducing new women, see my free downloadable ‘How To Be Fearless' PDF

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Joe Elvin is a dating/relationships blogger based in London. His book 'The Thrill Of The Chase', which explains how to truly thrive in singledom, was published in 2017. Download the first chapter for free at eepurl.com/c-cmGP.

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