Sick for Sex

sick for sex
sick for sex

Evidence of summer could be found both inside and outside my apartment, for it was freaking hot! My poor boyfriend was sick with a fever and head cold, leaving him completely under my control. I had no qualms about serving him tepid water and decongestion pills. I slipped right into the service apron and helped him out as best I could. By day 2, I began feeling my own fever rise, but this was a different kind of fever.

Normally, I love sex, but the last couple of weeks I hadn’t thought anything of it. I was preoccupied with family and worried about work, so every night I ended up going to sleep before he even got into bed. We were completely boring, and I can see now that most of it was my fault. You have to know, we don’t even live together…so usually when the weekend comes, we both are ready to, um, you know, hold hands for a really long time.

This week was different, however. My pasty boyfriend was forced to stay in bed for hours at a time, while not sleeping. There was something in the air Monday through Friday…did any of you feel it? The change in seasons is what I initially thought. I love summer and the hot weather makes me want to get out of clothes. I woke up two nights in a row and stripped off sick-boy’s sweaty attire. His firm hands and quick moves got my mind twirling like a ballerina en pointe. By the third night, dear boyfriend had had enough of my secret violence and turned on me. He grabbed me and took control of our playtime. I loved every minute (don’t judge, he was sick, there was no ‘hour’ to be had). Each morning I wondered at my behavior…why was I so attracted to him now? It didn’t make much sense. As the snot rags piled up alongside the window sill and the sheets grew sicklier with too much wear, I couldn’t help but get excited that we’d soon be in bed again.

For women, at least myself, I must have the emotional comfort to put the necessary zeal into my sexy time. Because the boy wasn’t feeling well, he ended up staying with me all week and he needed me. Yes, he probably just didn’t have the energy to drive home. But, I prefer to think he chose to be with me, that I made him feel a little bit better while he felt sorry for himself. This thought could entirely be lost on him, but regardless of this possibility, I was feeling secure and happy, so I reciprocated in sexual kind.

As Saturday morning neared, his wry expression confronted me. He asked if I’d heard the commotion the night before. I knew what he was alluding. I ignored his embarrassing comment, kinda blushed, and made no excuses for the past week’s burning behavior. He’s quite the man I secretly admit. High fever, coughing, achy, yet not too sick for sex. This could be my new favorite boyfriend quality, shallow or no.

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