The Truth About Dating Models And Strippers

If the title of the article interests you, it's likely you do well with women up to a certain level.

Maybe the women in your social circle think you're funny and interesting. Perhaps you occasionally hook up with a few of them. Heck, you might even negotiate the odd one-night stand with a woman you've never met before.

But what happens when you see that absolute stunner? The type of girl that probably gets paid to be beautiful – maybe as a model, stripper or even a high-end bartender?

If you’re not spending a lot of time with these types of women, you probably see them as your big chance for an epic romance. The missing piece of the puzzle that is your life.

So you turn to jelly.

You wonder what you could say to capture this type of woman's attention. Even if you speak to her for a few minutes, there seems to be no connection. Her disinterest remains obvious throughout the interaction.

At best, she tells you it was “nice to meet you”, then wanders off back into the seemingly perfect life of a beautiful princess.

You may wonder what's happening here. Is it that you don't have the looks and status? Do your conversation topics not work on catwalk models? Or is there something a lot more subtle stopping you from moving things forward?

Underneath the surface

The simple answer is to treat these stunners the same as the women you believe you deserve. Resist the urge to try and stand out. Don’t put on a special song and dance for her

This is easier said than done, because she won’t always treat you the same as  average women do.

The typical average-to-pretty girl might be impressed with your clever pick-up line, with the audaciousness of your approach, with your witty jokes and stories.  

But the stunner has seen this all before. She’s had guys hitting on her since she was a teenager. There’s not one thing you can do to impress her. Instead, she’s looking for subtle cues to reveal who you are.

How do you react when there’s silence? When she gives you no signs that she likes you? When she teases, or even insults you?   

Can you stand strong in spite of this? Can you maintain good eye contact, physical rapport and a fun vibe? This will tell you far more about whether you deserve her than what you say.

But that’s not all. Do you get thrown off when her bitchy friends compete for her attention? When random guys enter the conversation? When she loses her phone, spills her drink etc?. Your actions in these situations speak far louder than words.

Be willing to walk away

The biggest indicator that you deserve the most beautiful women? A willingness to walk away.  

How do you react when she oversteps your personal boundaries? Do you call her out when she’s bratty? Do you question behaviour which doesn’t meet your standards? Or do you just pander to her because she’s a model/stripper?

A true boss knows exactly what he wants in a woman. It’s usually more than ‘she’s hot’. Rather than being hypnotised by a glamour model’s beauty, he’ll ask questions to see if she ticks these boxes. You should do the same.

Also, ask yourself why you’re so attracted to the idea of dating models or strippers? Is it just for ego, or do these women’s personalities typically resemble your dream wife? Have you even spoke to enough of them to develop an accurate stereotype?

Many strippers had troubled childhoods. The modelling industry is full of stress, competition and bitchiness. Come at these women from a frame of finding out whether they’re right for you.

Learn to love yourself

Your mission is to create a life which is super-fun without a supermodel in it. This will make it easier to speak to the most beautiful women with this mindset.

Have hobbies. Awesome friends. A life where you don’t need an absolute stunner to be happy. From there, have a solid set of boundaries that a woman must meet in order to become a part of it.

Finally, approach from a frame of curiosity, rather than a burning desire to impress her…

Before you know it, these beautiful women won’t be as intimidating as in the past.  

Interested to hear more on this concept? My book ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ explains how I went from desperate loser to healthy dating life by learning to truly enjoy singledom and speak to girls with no hidden agenda. Click here to download the introduction and first chapter for free.

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Joe Elvin is a dating/relationships blogger based in London. His book 'The Thrill Of The Chase', which explains how to truly thrive in singledom, was published in 2017. Download the first chapter for free at

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