Ten Benefits Of Being A Single Man

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People often relate being single with being alone. However, these are two totally different states of existence. Here are 10 perks of being single that will remove that association:



1. Fit and Trim

Research shows that most people who are in a happy and contented relationship gain weight. The percentage gets higher for people who are married. Men tend to eat more when eating with their partner rather than when they are eating alone. They also care less about their appearance because they are already “taken”.

On the other hand, single men want to impress the hot chicks. So they have to keep themselves fit and trim to look attractive to the opposite sex.

2. Focus on Career

Unfortunately, one of the biggest hindrances to a successful career is having a relationship. Having a relationship means not being able to accept the out of town job. It also means not being able to spend extra hours at the office unless it is really urgent. A committed man has the difficult task of balancing his career and relationship.

Without a relationship, you can concentrate on your job, make it your priority and skyrocket to the top of the corporate ladder.

3. Command your Finances

Let’s face it: Being in a relationship is costly. You may be too infatuated with your partner that you have lost count of the money you’ve spent. Sum up all the dinners, movies, flowers and gifts and you’ll easily tab a thousand dollars on these items.

If you’re married, you can also add home mortgage, education, utility bills and many more. The list could go on. But if you are not attached, so are your wallet and bank account.

4. Learning to be Independent

If you are single, you do house chores by yourself. There will be no one to cook the food, wash the dishes, do the laundry or clean the house. These are simple tasks that men often leave to their women. Being single forces you to do all the chores you’ve never done before. These experiences will make you a well-rounded individual.

5. Better Social Life

When you are in a relationship, you’ll spend more time hanging out with your significant other rather than your friends and family. You’ll less likely meet new acquaintances and friends because you rarely go to social events and functions. There is an unconscious exclusivity that goes with a committed relationship.

If you’re single however, you are free to mingle and that’s no holds barred.

6. Opportunity for Self-advancement

Just because you are single doesn’t mean you have to play XBox all day long.  Get a hobby or try a new sport. Take guitar lessons or work out in the gym. If you have the resources, travel to places you haven’t been to.  Do activities that make you a better person. You have all the time in the world to do what you please, so make the most of it by upgrading yourself.

7. A Goodnight Sleep

Being single spares you from adapting to a girlfriend's sleeping schedule and habits. These differences lead to sleep loss and quarrels. Sleeping alone means your snoring is no longer a disturbance no matter how loud it is. You can roll back and forth and have the sheet all for yourself. The only thing that will wake you up is your alarm clock.

A single man is indeed the king of his king sized bed.

8. Spontaneity

Being in a relationship is as mechanical as a sergeant’s drill. Your lady may not necessarily be a drill sergeant, but your day to day life becomes a repetitive pattern. You have to plan your activities ahead of time, and changing those plans will mean confirming with her first. A relationship involves planning. A single man doesn’t have to plan. He can go on a fishing trip in a snap of a finger. That is the peak of spontaneity.

9. You’re the Boss

When you’re single, there is no one to make a compromise with. At last, you can watch football on TV without the danger of getting the channel changed. You can even go to the strip club with a clean slate because there is no one you are committed and accountable to.

This is the time when you can truly say that you are the captain of your ship, and master of your destiny.

10. Faultless Flirting

The fun in being single starts and ends with flirting. The unattached guy can flirt with any girl he wants. Flirting is the time to catch a lot of hot women. You master the art of attraction by meeting more girls and hanging out with them. It’s time to swim the ocean, meet new fishes and be a fisher of women.

Who says being single is the same as being in solitude? Being single is fun and exciting. You can even drool over sexy women minus the guilt! If you’re still single, you might as well enjoy these benefits while you still can.

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Charlene Sampilo is a passionate writer about dating, relationship and men/women's lifestyle. You can connect with Charlene through her websites Rauraur.com and MmMGlawBlog.com anytime.

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  1. Being a single man for me is really no fun at all since it is very unhealthy and depressing when i rather have a woman to share my life with, if given that choice. Very difficult finding love today for many of us single men since i know friends going through the very same thing right now as well, and there are so many disadvantages too. Feminism is making it even more harder now since there are a lot of women hating on many of us men for no reason at all.

  2. @Steve

    I agree with you completely. I am a tall 6’3, athletic guy, and I STILL can’t find anyone. I guess it has to do with confidence, but you are right, it is like fishing in an empty lake. I go on dating sites and have tons of hobbies, yet jack shit will happen. It is annoying to see all your friends paired off, but if you destined to be single then I guess that is your fate.

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