How to Get Over Someone You See Everyday – Don’t Keep Yourself Busy

Having Trouble Forgetting Someone?

If you need to get over someone you see everyday, you have probably searched the internet using keywords like “How to get over someone you see every day” or “How to get over someone who is still in your life”.

And when you talked to your friends, you probably received advice like “You're better off without that person”, or “Just don't talk to them”.   If you tried this advice and you probable found out that it's nonsense.  Don't worry; since you have arrived at this website your pain will shortly end.

The first thing that needs to be done is to ascertain that it's really over.  If you need to, ask your former loved one if the relationship really is over.

Then accept the answer you get, especially if it confirms the death of your relationship.  After you accept the fact that your relationship is dead, you will need to apply the remaining steps that will explain how to maintain your own health even though you see this person every day.

How to Get Over Someone You See Every Day

The fact is that if we refuse to deal with or acknowledge fear, that fear will grow.  If we avoid something or some situation because of our fear, that fear will not only continue to affect our behavior, it continue to grow and become worse than what it was.

The same goes for broken relationships.  If you avoiding the person you used to love will only allow the feelings of grief and loss to grow over time. So you will continue to suffer.

Remember, the technique used by psychologists to reduce the amount of fear suffered in a situation is to gradually expose the person affected by that fear to the thing or situation that is feared.

If you want to get over someone you see every day, you must see that person and learn to accept  that the relationship you had with that person is over.

This is what happens in healthy grieving—the person doing the grieving accepts that the person they had a relationship with is gone.  This must be your attitude accepting that the relationship you had is gone.

This will help you to heal from the pain of breaking up and in treating the other person as a friend.

The Key to Forgetting

If, when you see the other person, you keep being reminded you of your old relationship, and if those memories make you feel sad, then you need to break the anchors holding your memory and feelings towards that other person.

What is an anchor? 

An anchor is two memories that have become intertwined together.  For example, if you always listened to a certain song together, those memories would be an anchor.

When you end a relationship, the anchors holding you to that person need to be broken.  In other words, you need to get used to doing the same things that you did with the person you broke up with, only doing them alone.

This will overlay the memory of the enjoyment you have now over the memory of the enjoyment you had with the other person.

Very shortly, the memories you are constructing now will overlay the memories you had then, which will enhance your recovery.

Even if you deal with this person on a daily basis, do not  dwell on the you had together; instead, make sure that you deal with your former loved one in the present and do not allow yourself to think about the past.

This will enable you to get over your past relationship, even though you  that person is still in your daily life.

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