How to Feel Better After a Breakup – Tips For Guys

Did your ex girlfriend say something to hurt you, intentionally? Were you on your knees for your ex, begging and pleading for her to take you back? Did your ex girlfriend break your heart in hundred pieces?

If so, you are in the right place. In this post you will learn how to feel better after a breakup and how to let go of the things which bother you.

1) The motivation psychology –

When she dumps you, you become less motivated to do much of anything. Do you know why?

It is because she influenced your life to a great extent. You made her a major part of your life. You made plans for your career considering her. You always made plans for weekends considering her.

You did things considering your relationship. And you tried to adjust some of your traits considering the happiness of your girlfriend.

However, she is not with you now. All those things for which you considered her, they're gone! Then, how can you become motivated to do your daily routine and go on with your life? Right now you are feeling like you have lost everything. That’s the reason why you have lost motivation to do things.

The solution to this problem is very simple. Instead of thinking that you have lost your life, you should think that you are just getting a new life.

Now you don’t have to face the arrogance of your ex girlfriend. You don’t have to change yourself to make her happy. Now you are free. Now you can do what you want. Enjoy your freedom and you will get motivated again.

2) No alcohol at all –

If alcohol can end depression and sadness, then alcoholics would be the happiest people on earth. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol will make your more depressed. It is a depressant – not a happiness-drug.

However, alcohol will help you to distract your mind from thinking about your ex girlfriend, yet you will become more depressed when its effect goes away.

Some guys take drinks at night so that they can fall asleep. However, when they wake up in the morning, they feel sad about their situation.

Furthermore, if you drink excessively, you will lose your ability to think properly. Thus, you will not be able to get over her, and you might develop suicidal thoughts.

So, don’t take that sip of alcohol and you will feel a lot better without it.

3) Properly channel your emotions –

If you are feeling bad about your situation, then it is okay to cry. We all experience some lows in our lives. We all cry on some occasions. And who says that men don’t cry? It's okay. Men are emotional creatures too. If you cry, then it means that you loved someone badly.

However, when you stop crying then don’t cry for the same reason once again.

4) Talk to your friends –

When you are feeling bad, it is always good to talk to your friends. You will feel a great relief when you share your suppressed emotions to them.

Talk about your future fears and you will find that most of your fears will go away.

Talk to them and you will also get intimacy for which you are also craving at this time.

5) Read positive things right before sleeping –

While you are trying to feel better after a breakup, you can program your subconscious mind to help you feel good.

Read positive things and psychology books before sleeping at night. When you wake up in the morning, you will have those positive thoughts you experienced while reading at night.

Your subconscious mind always works even though you were sleeping.

Make a habit of reading positive things right before sleeping at night, and you will feel a lot better within a couple of weeks.

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