Flirting With Girls Over Texts – Do You Know These 5 Tips

Do you know girls also like to flirt with guys over texts? But most guys don’t know how to flirt with girls over texts. If you are a single guy then you should learn it, because this is the way to beat your competitors and stand out from the crowd.

I know that most guys use texts that they really don’t proud of, and most probably they feel disappointment after using them.

The common mistake most guys make is they go to Google and search for terms like ‘funny messages’ and ‘cute messages for a girl’. Normally, they get lots of text messages and then they use them as they are with the girl they like.

Every girl is unique and the situation between you and her is unique, too. This is the reason why those kinds of funny and cute messages don’t work all time.

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Now back to the tips on flirting with girls over texts. In this article, I am about to reveal the basics of texting a girl in a way which is easy to understand and use.

Tip #1. Start with short messages –

Flirting over texts should be funny for both of you. Therefore, your texts shouldn’t be too long to understand. Avoid using too many abbreviations. Make it simple and easy-to-understand.

You can use long texts later, but avoid them in the starting of the conversation. If she likes your texts in the starting of the conversation, then she will defiantly take troubles to understand long texts and abbreviations later. So, start with simple, flirty, and short text messages.

Tip #2. Press her hot emotional button –

If a girl gives you her number then the first and second day is strategic for a text conversation. What most people make mistake is they use random texts to a girl they just met. You should not do so.

What you need to do is to find out the reasons why she gave her number to you. Before you text your first text message, you should think about it for at least 10 minutes.

Remember that you have already done something good, that’s why you got her number. Now you need to do the same thing again over texts.

When you write your first texts, you should bear in mind that it should convey who you are. Your text should convey something that she felt while she gave her number to you.

If she gave her number to you because she found that you were a funny guy, then your text should convey fun. If she gave her number because she sensed a sense of humor in you, then your text should convey a sense of humor. I think that you have understood what I am trying to say you.

Tip #3. Don’t use ‘hey beautiful’ template –

You need to be original and your texts should convey it. This is the reason why you shouldn’t use the general ‘hey beautiful’ template for texting a girl. If she is beautiful, she will defiantly get lots of ‘hey beautiful’ texts from other guys. If you do the same, you will also become another guy.

Tip #4. Tease her –

Teasing is all about making fun of her small mistakes in a fun way to make her laugh. If she typed something wrong, then you can reply her by texting that she is an intelligent girl.

If she response you lately, then you can text her that she types very fast. You need to find out her small mistakes and make fun of them in a fun way.

Tip #5. Give her a Funny name –

Lovers give nicknames to their partners. Give her a cute name and use it while you text her.

For example, below is a general text message.

“So, you are playing hard to get.”

You can make it more effective by giving her a nickname Barbie.

“So, now Barbie doll is playing hard to get. I really love to see this side of Barbie.”

You can make similar text by giving her nickname and using your humor.

Remember that texting a girl should be fun for you. If she doesn’t reply you back, you should take it personally. Also, you shouldn’t secretly want something big through texting or else you shouldn’t think about flirting with text messages. If the texting game gets old, find someone new to flirt with instead.

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Alex J. Stevenson is a relationship expert and a dating coach. He has been helping desperate men to improve their dating life for last couple of years.

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  1. Ugh, creepy when a guy starts referring to me as a third person nickname. I love to see this side of Barbie? Weirds me right out.

    Rephrase to: I love this side of you, Barbie and it gets slightly less gross.

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