Why Staying in is the New Going Out


During the dark days of the great recession, the typical household was too consumed with careful financial planning to enjoy themselves too energetically. This encouraged many to change the pace of their lifestyle, as they looked to enjoy time at home rather than traveling overseas and investing in hedonistic nights out.

While the economy may have rebounded to record significant growth in the last 18 months, however, the habits established during the recession have remained prominent. As a result of this, staying in has become the new ‘going out’.

If staying in is the ‘new going out’, however, how exactly can you create a fun and immersive experience within the comfort of your own home?

Create an Environment fit for Entertaining

Before you plan your ideal night in, it is important that you create a home that is fit for entertainment. This has many different elements, including fixtures, furnishings and multipurpose entertainment centers, and the key is to design a balanced and functional space that welcomes guests. In terms of the interior, the most important thing is to optimize the space at your disposal as this will enable you to host a larger number of guests without causing congestion or crowding. To achieve this, you should consider investing in multipurpose furniture that can also serve as storage.

Gaming chairs provide an excellent example, while the installation of hard flooring will prevent long-term damage in high traffic areas.

Invest in Cross-platform Entertainment

On a similar note, you will also need to purchase multipurpose devices that enable cross-platform entertainment. This can include everything from media streaming to gaming, while the integration of devices such as Chromecast will create a channel through which you can share content across multiple devices. So whether you want to access a range of popular online casinos enjoy a movie night with friends, you can access libraries through your smart phone or tablets and stream this wirelessly to a large screen television. The main advantage of this is that it creates a flexible entertainment channel, which can gather content from multiple sources and showcase this to a larger group.

Be Creative when Laying on Beverages and Food

While it stands to reason that you should provide food and drink for your guests, it is important that you adopt a creative approach when doing so. Cocktails are a must at social gatherings, for example, while you can also buy a diverse range of spirits so that guests can experiment and create their own unique drinks. In terms of food, it is always best to provide a wide array of snacks that guests can eat at their leisure without impacting on the informal nature of the evening. To ensure that you have a popular range of snacks, ask for ideas from your invited guests and take the time to cater for all of their needs.

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