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Talking Sports With Men.

I grew up as a relatively pretty girl with a very strong tomboy side to my personality. I remember being quite young (5-ish?) when my dad and my brother took a few minutes to explain the four “downs” in football. I took right to it! I was a Cleveland Browns fan from the first time I remember seeing a game! I also had regular “date nights” with my dad at the old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, for Tribe games and Browns games. At my parents’ house, I still have a “Tower of Power” poster, signed by Joe Carter, framed tickets from the last series at Muni and opening day tickets at “the Jake”, etc. I could go on, but you get the picture!

During high school, I was always very good friends with the football players, I cheered for the wrestling team and knew the sport inside & out, and I played softball, but was closer to the baseball team members than my own teammates. I was the one girl that really understood all of the nuances of each sport. So, I was the cool chick to hang around. This carried over in college and afterward.

These days, I notice that my interest (really, it’s a passion) in sports still attracts guys. And I’m still a cool chick for that. Sometimes to the point that I think a man wants to propose on the spot! It’s quite entertaining at times. Seriously, women… if you’re in a sports bar, or even just a bar with sports on TV, and want to attract a man’s attention, show some (educated) interest in sports, and I promise you the man will respond.

There is a catch; however. I have learned that I can overdo the sports thing – and in very short order. I’ve noticed myself becoming annoyingly passionate about sports at times. During a recent date, it was obvious that he and I were not a “love match”, though he seemed to be a great guy. The conversation naturally turned to sports. After just a few minutes, it was clear that I knew more than he did, and I’m pretty certain he was quite intimidated. I should have known to pull back, but I let my passion and knowledge rule the conversation. And, when the date ended, I knew we wouldn’t even end up as friends.

I also knew if I didn’t contain my fervor just a bit, I would continue to run men off. At least until a man becomes comfortable enough to accept my passionate rants as a good part of me!

The lesson learned: Some amount of sports knowledge and excitement is a good thing, but be aware of the man’s general need to know more and not feel intimidated by a beautiful, smart, sports-loving woman! Attract him with sports-talk, but don’t let it take over the evening. Don’t get cut by the double-edged sword. Spoken from experience(s)!!

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