How to Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

I know what you’re thinking – this will be yet another generic how-to guide that’s going to teach me the importance of a good profile photo and a catchy tagline. I promise that I will not be going there! If being successful in online dating was as simple as uploading a sexy pic, we’d all be having the times of our lives. Unfortunately, many online daters have nothing but negative experiences to share.

Today, I intend to be brutally honest with you when it comes to crafting a standout online dating profile. Over the years, I’ve worked hard on boosting the oomph factor of my own profile. Based on trial and error, I’ve come to the following conclusions.

Forget about the Basic Selfie

The subject of the perfect profile picture is so intriguing that even scientists have worked on decoding what we want to see when looking for an online match.

Through lots of research, smart people found out something that I’ve known for a long, long time – a basic selfie isn’t going to cut it.

The aim of the profile pic is to tell a potential match who you are and what you do. A photo showing you mountain climbing will obviously attract people who are interested in the same. Pictures in social settings show the world that you have friends and you’re not always stuck in front of the computer.

Another thing that researchers have found out is that the best dating profile pictures feature genuine smiles. Anything that is staged or forced will appear fake and it can turn people away from potentially contacting you.

Nobody Has Time for Your Life Story

This one may come as a shock but brief and focused online dating profiles perform much better than being overly verbose.

Some people feel compelled to share their entire history, philosophy and views on dating with the world. You know what this approach accomplishes? It makes you boring! Research suggests we now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Nobody has the time or the patience to go through your entire biography when looking for an online match.

Keep it short and catchy. Humor is good but don’t be crass or insensitive. Tell the world the best things you want people to know about you. Once you get to meet someone in person, you’ll have a chance to present yourself in a deeper and more meaningful manner.

If You Want Something Specific, Say It!

Why are you doing online dating? Are you looking for a hookup? Are you looking for a life partner and the mother of your children? Unless you make your intentions clear right from the start, you’re going to end up seriously disappointed.

We often don’t share exactly what we want due to fear of rejections. If you don’t tell the world what you really need from a romantic match, however, you’ll end up wasting your own time and the time of another person who’s looking for something different.

Obviously, a long and tedious checklist of requirements for the perfect match will result in zero (0!) communication attempts. Still, a short section of your profile may outline your dating interests and the type of person you’d like to meet. Most people will appreciate the honesty.

Show Who You Are, Don’t Tell It!

There’s nothing less appealing than bragging. Instead of telling potential matches how great you are, try to share this information in an indirect way.

Don’t describe yourself as a great, loyal friend that everybody relies on. Instead, you may want to include a brief profile anecdote of something that you’ve done for a person you love. People who come across your profile will reach the right conclusion on their own.

Photos and videos can also share aspects of your life you’d like to announce without appearing overly braggy and egocentric.

A good online dating profile takes time to produce. It requires thought, effort and a bit of creativity. Don’t be afraid to do something crazy, if you feel that it’s in line with your character. After all, you’re not looking for mass appeal. The primary aim of you being on an online dating website is to attract someone who’s similar-minded and who’ll appreciate all of your quirks and eccentricities.

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There’s more to life than just work and sleep, and Kristen Barton sure knows it. She is a lifestyle blogger, an experienced family therapist and writer for online dating website Doulike.com, making her content the perfect getaway for everyone who needs some fine life advice.

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