Example of Why We Need Brethalizers on Phones…

Not many people can argue with the benefits drinking and having a good time.  However, I'm sure we can all agree that drunk texting, emailing or any other drunken activity could go the way of the duck billed Billy Goat.  For whatever reason, I thought it good sense to email my fellow blogging mates Mike the Master Dater, Jack from Brookly, Jeffrey Platts, Sam the Effin Man Sharpe and Fishy from Plenty More Fish Out of Water, regarding a cool project we have in the works (stay tuned on that one, kids).  All the best inspiration comes when we have imbibed too much liquor, no?  That said, here's my unedited submission for why we really need a breathalizer app on our phones if we're drinking…

On 4/24/10 1:24 AM, Yannibmbr wrote:

Names. We fucking need them, like a carnal duck after a long winter watching patch Adams!! Oh fuck! I hope you understand where I am coming.g from here. Because I fucking hate that goddamned movie. Wed.esday. let's get names and go fucking tell people if they like it or not.

I'm not going to do this with out a plan. Names. Going to ask for some but. Extra week we need to get this fuck done.

You are all the best dudes.

Sent from my mobile device. Please excuse my brevity.

Not brief enough, apparently…

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