Increasing Your Attraction Score Online


"Damn. Look at the body on that girl. She is unreal man. I'd kill for one night with that. She's at least a 9. Maybe even a 10..." We've all had these types of conversations with friends right? We're men. Sometimes we revert back to our 12 year old hormonal school boy alter egos when we see a smoking hot woman, pick apart their looks, and rate them. Its … [Read more...]

5 Subtle Signs Your Date is Into You

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Women are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to dating.  If they aren’t interested in a guy that they meet online, and don’t act interested, the guy accuses the woman of being a *insert your favorite expletive here*.  On the other hand, if a woman acts extremely nice, even when she isn’t interested in a second date, a man will often … [Read more...]

Are You Planning The Right Dates This October?


Are you tired of being a walking cliché, taking date after date out for dinner, and wasting your hard earned money?  Or perhaps you are just tired of meeting up for drinks, and running the same old meet and greet routine. If you are ready to switch things up a bit, October is just the occasion to do so.  This month provides a wide variety of activities … [Read more...]

Adjusting to a Mobile Lifestyle

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Let’s face it.  These days one can barely walk down the street without seeing someone’s eyes glued to a cell phone.  Love it or hate it, these days the majority of a woman’s social interactions will take place via the phone, and dating is no exception to this phenomenon. We are living in an age where the common person has an extremely short attention … [Read more...]

3 Signs That Your Partner May Be Having An Affair

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There are few worse realizations in life than discovering that a loved one is may be having an affair.  The pain that this discovery brings can be unfathomable, especially when being caught completely off guard by the person whom you trust the most. To those who have never had to experience this, be thankful.  And for the rest of us out there who know all … [Read more...]