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Keeping Yourself Safe Online

It was 2003. Online dating was taking off, but it was only for desperate singles. Chat rooms were an increasingly popular, and less obvious way of trying to connect with people. But the internet was, by and large, still a...

/ August 15, 2019

The Insider Trading Secrets for Online Dating

Many people feel that online dating adds a lot of extra work to their already-hectic lives. Let me save you the years of trial and error. Internet dating can be a breeze and fun if you have the right skill...

/ February 26, 2014
appreciate being single

10 Things to Appreciate about Being Single

Human beings always want what they don’t have instead of appreciating what they’ve got.  We are always focused on our lack of something instead of our abundance of something.  We always want what someone else has instead of enjoying what...

/ April 6, 2013

Not Business as Usual. Social Network Powered Dating FTW.

I consider myself a battle hardened and tested veteran of the dating game. A first class adept of the first date. Sure, some of you may think I've never enjoyed the touch of a woman above the knee, but I'll...

/ November 10, 2009

4 Ways to Get Over Your Shyness.

I date pretty frequently these days. A friend of mine once remarked on the difference between myself and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend barely went out on any dates at all, you see; he was a serious relationship guy. Where as...

/ June 20, 2009

F*#! Like No One Knows You’re Bleeding.

Ladies, it’s happened to us all. We begin our week excited that we have a hot date on Friday with a new love (or lust ;)) interest. Nothing can get us down; no disgruntled co-worker or raged filled driver can...

/ November 4, 2008