What to Do If She Hates Your Style?

We all have a different sense of what style is, so it is not strange that two persons, regardless of the feelings they have to each other, can dislike each other’s clothing. While this doesn’t sound like something that could cause any solid relationship a serious problem, it can often grow into something bigger.

Her dislike for your oversized navy sweater can be just a frown on her face or an eye-roll when you are wearing it at the beginning. Before you know it, she won’t be able to look at you without seeing that sweater. She won’t be willing to take you to her friends’ celebrations or work events. Where once was an untamable passion, there will be a tiny flame struggling to survive.

OK, we might have taken it way too far, but you get the picture. Now, let’s make things easier for you.

Look for the signs

It is not likely that she will straight out say to you that she doesn’t like the way you dress, even if you are, in most cases, honest to each other. It may not look this way, but this is a delicate subject. So, look for clues that might indicate that she would give you a fool makeover.

  • Oh no, your oversized navy sweater has gone missing! If you notice that your clothing pieces magically disappear sometimes, that could be your girl, telling you to replace them with something better.
  • She always insists on picking your outfits for special events and she is a little too excited to do that.
  • She gives you a bunch of compliments about one particular outfit she likes.
  • She always comes back with her shopping trips with a few items for you, suggesting your wardrobe is in serious need for some updating.
  • She acts distant and looks uncomfortable when you two are together in public.

Help her help you

Be honest, you couldn’t care less about what you are wearing. It’s probably your ego that is making you flaunt the mentioned sweater or a worn-out band name T-shirt. So, if this is something she cares about, let her have it. 

Ask her to go shopping with you. Let her know you value her opinion and want to hear her input. And then actually take her advice. Of course, if she suggests something you really hate and feel uncomfortable in, respectfully decline and ask to try on something different.

If you can’t be a good original, be the best copy

“Mad Men”, “Peaky Blinders”, “Suits”… There are so many TV shows that have set the bar for gentlemen’s style, and if you can’t come up with something original, you can steal from their book. Even David Beckham has become infatuated with TV-inspired fashion, and these days he looks like he’s buying his clothes at the same store as Tommy Shelby. 

What all of these characters are trying to tell you is that you can’t go wrong with mens suits, especially when they are well-fitting. There is a suit for every occasion, ranging from a family visit to a classy wedding. The best thing about suits is that you can use them as an outline for constructing your casual style too – tailoring, color combinations, and layering become a piece of cake once you’ve mastered the suit-wearing.

What women want?

The answer to this question came to Mel Gibson in the romantic 2000 comedy the hard way, but when it comes to dressing up, it doesn’t take a lot of brainstorming to figure it out. Here are a few basic tips to keep you sharp:

  • Instead of “statement” T-shirts, wear button-up shirts.
  • If you are going with a T-shirt, try a basic one.
  • Keep your jeans not too tight, not too loose.
  • Choose a pair of stylish sneakers that go well with everything.
  • If you want to hold on to your youthful appearance, adapt it to your current age. Lenny Kravitz is a good example of pulling off the age-appropriate rock style with class.
  • Be clean and tidy.

If you want to be loved – love!

The problem might not be only in the way you dress. It could be something deeper, such as how are you feeling while you are wearing those close. Are you oozing confidence or self-doubt? Your partner might just want to see you happy and have a positive self-image. That way, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, you will look well. 

When Jaime Lannister said “The things we do for love”, he didn’t exactly mean switching his golden cape for Lannister signature colors, because Cersei wants him to, but he would do that too if she wanted it. The bottom line is that relationships need constant work and if one of the actions you need to take is changing the way you dress, do it. However, another thing that relationships require is honesty and if you do have any doubts, you can try to talk about it with your girlfriend and start with a clean slate, or should we say – a clean wardrobe.

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