Tips For Women: Five (5) Telltale Signs You Are Dating A Keeper

Tips For Women: Five (5) Telltale Signs You Are  Dating A Keeper

Dating is a great way to know a person more. On this stage, you get to determine if the guy you are with at the moment is a good boyfriend or husband material. Does he have the qualities that you’re looking for in a man? Do you share the same interests and passions? Are you gonna get along well – would your personalities clash or would you complement one another instead? On this phase, you also get to identify which among the guys tend to be losers and which tend to be keepers.

How To Spot A Keeper During A Date 

Learn the secrets of spotting a keeper. Here are some telltale clues to help you with that.

1. The chemistry is there. This is basically experiencing the attraction as if  you’re being pulled to each other. You feel the pheromones working overtime.Your senses are heightened – you see even the tiniest pore in his face and you find it interesting; you smell his cologne and it makes you want to sit closer next to him; his slightest touch on your elbow as he assists you to your dinner chair gives a powerful electrifying sensation. And it goes two ways. It’s mutual! This is your first sign.

2. He’s got the right attitude. He’s sincere and honest. He’s brutally frank yet sensitive at the same time to choose the correct words when the situation calls for it. Suppose you were two hours late on your date due to a series of unexpected circumstances. You didn’t have the chance to inform him in advance because your phone battery went dead. Would he play nice as if two hours is just two minutes or would he be truthful that he’s not happy you didn't arrive on time? How would he take it – with finesse and coolness or would he make you look like you’re two feet tall? How he reacts on bad situations can give you warnings of his hidden traits and character. Another example is this scenario. You have opposite opinions about commitment. He thinks giving up a career for
a woman is crap. You disagree. Would he insist on his beliefs and sort of shove it down to your throat to emphasize that he is right? Or would he accept your side  and respect your differences?

3. You meet his friends. Remember the saying: Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are? This does not mean that if his buddy is reputed to be the town’s drunk, he has drinking problems as well. Check the guys he usually hangs out with. Do they have good educational and professional background? Having so can tell that they are men with responsibilities. They surely wouldn't  want to befriend a man who’s totally out of their league, would they? Do they all have the good looks, sexy bodies and flaunting them every chance they get? For all you know, the guy you’re dating is gay!

4. He loves his Mother. You can immediately tell if he does when his mom pops up during your conversation. Someone who’s serious enough to commit to a deeper relationship is never ashamed to talk about his mother. Beware though. He may be a mama’s boy so weigh all aspects in.

5. His values show in the smallest things. He sees a boy staring at him, he smiles back. It can indicate that he loves kids. He has a pet in a house and it adores him tremendously. It can signify that he has compassion for animals. He has a short string of girlfriends and doesn’t go for one-night stands and flings. It can be a sign that he believes in the sanctity of marriage.

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