Ways to Rekindle Your Love and Passion for Your Partner

People in relationships have all often asked themselves this primordial question, “Is this all there is?”

When you have about five or six years under your belt in loving the same man or woman, you will inevitably think you have seen everything and done everything. And this question will plague you everyday like an inveterate and incessant itch.  It is imminent and more often than not, it cannot be helped–we are all humans after all and not quite proof to boredom and error. However, this errant thought should be treated delicately no matter how normal it may seem, for if you allow it to simmer and boil, you will find yourself unsatisfied with your current relationship.

And that in itself can lead you to stray. So, supposing you have asked yourself the very same question today, is this the end of the road for you? Or can something be done to rekindle the passion you once had for your partner? Is there a possible way to resuscitate your dying relationship? Can the embers of a dead relationship be re-lit? Well, take a look below and see if you can apply these to your current relationship.


Relationships much like your prized car need to be maintained; they are incapable of looking after themselves. Seeing as relationships take work and requires you to work on it, allocate and designate some uninterrupted you-me time with your significant other every single day. When the both of you have fallen into a mindless routine, it can be easy to neglect paying attention to each other and inadvertently, it would be easy to fall out of love with each other. Have time for each other every day and you will see how much of a difference it can make.


You were given one mouth so that you could talk less and two ears so that you would listen more. Similarly, you should be paying attention to your partner and do listen to what they have to say. Ask your partner how they have been and truly listen to their response. And in this regard, make sure when you listen, you do listen intently–when they talk about their fears, assure them and when they talk about their dreams encourage them. Listening goes far and beyond that just nodding and grunting.


Sure, you can tell your significant other how great their cooking was while you had a hard time stomaching it and you will notice that they can see through your lie. Take note, you have been with this person for quite a long time, they will surely know when you are fibbing or telling the truth. Instead, give them heartfelt compliments that you truly mean and tell them only when you mean them. Take a moment to look at your partner and voice out whatever it is that you like about them. A simple “Your dress looks nice on you” or “You do such a great job in taking care of the kids” goes a long way and it will definitely make your partner feel appreciated.


When you feel like your relationship is going stale and bland, simply reintroducing yourselves to your fonder memories will make any couple light up. Think back to the day you first met, how you fell in love, your first date and how he proposed. Additionally, list a series of attributes that made you fall in love with them and talk about them with your partner. Sometimes, all couples need is a reminder that they still do have that spark and affection for each other that just got lost along the way of mindless everyday work routine.

Love may be a fickle road. You may experience its highs, but you will also inevitable experience its lows. And though love may not always be rainbows and butterflies, hearts and love quotes it does not mean it is not something to be cherished. In fact, all the hardships one goes through in the name of love makes it all the more precious and rewarding. Although, boredom in a relationship is deadly, it does not necessarily terminate the relationship if you do not allow it to. So, when you feel like you are stuck in a rut, do not ask yourself if this is all there is. Instead, ask yourself, “How can I find new ways to love my partner?”

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  1. Right on. What most people don’t realize is it takes much more effort to maintain a relationship than to start one. It really does, doesn’t it? People who get scared away at the effort or simply let things fall apart in their relationships will never experiences the amazingness of long lasting love you are describing.

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