The Four Best European Destinations for Singles

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Are you single? If so, you are in luck!

Why not have a break from the big city and take a trip to those places where culture, gastronomy and fun are part of the day to day? Forget about the typical selection of sun-and-sand breaks for singles and travel during the spring season. Instead, prepare yourself to meet new traditions and of course, other singles. You'll never be so happy to be free when you check out these four best European destinations for singles!

1.Copenhagen: Chat between beer & beer

We all know that Danish people love beer and we know that beer normally comes with a party. You can’t miss the Copenhaguen Beer Festival on the 22nd of May. This is the perfect time for you to experience the diversity of beers available in this country and this is also a great chance to hang out and to get closer to the Danish people and their culture. Even though this nationality seems to be a bit serious at first, the truth is that they love street parties and celebrations so… Who knows? Maybe it is one of those perfect timings and places to meet someone special. Remember that his English will be probably as good as yours, so there are no excuses to not strike up a conversation!

Drink at: If you feel you've had enough beer, move onto the cocktails. For some of the best in the city, visit The Jane (the Mad Men style will be guaranteed)

Copenhaguen Beer Festival Day: 22nd May 2014

 2.Cannes (France): Glamour dating

Dating in Cannes

There are few places on the Earth like the relaxing and glamorous Cannes. Yes, it’s that time of the year again when the most beautiful people in the cinema industry meet in the French Riviera.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ticket to watch the films that have been selected for the 67th edition because the city in itself offers a very exquisite nightlife with hundreds of bars and clubs to enjoy a glass of Moët & Chandon. If you fancy an adventure on a boat, don’t miss your chance to travel to the beautiful Sainte Marguerite Island. Get your group of friends on the boat and enjoy the experience of socialising with French garçons that will be happy to show you the meaning of la vie en rose!

Visit The Notre Dame de Vie en Mougins where Pablo Picasso once lived.

67th Cannes Film Festival: 14-24th May 2014

3.Barcelona (Spain): Find love in the sun

People that have been to Barcelona confirm that they just can’t get enough of it. The most European city in Spain offers beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets and lots of fiesta. A good plan for the late spring: Get your group of friends (make sure you choose the craziest ones) and prepare yourself to enjoy the live performances of the best European bands like The Vaccines or the Spanish great Los Planetas. Remember that after the concerts a visit to the beach will be mandatory, so make sure you practise in advanced to get your best Spanish accent. Top tip: Don’t miss your chance to spend at least two days in the city. You will fall in love with the culture, the food and the people.

Dating in Barcelona

Stay in the Gràcia area, a lively barrio based in the north of the city with lots of bars and a young atmosphere.

Primavera Sound Barcelona: 29-31st May 2014

4.Bath (England): Party in the city

It is on a Friday so the event looks very promising. Party in the City takes place on the opening night of Bath International Music Festival, one of those celebrations where you just let yourself go with the music. Apart from the big charm of the town (its local culture is one of the most vibrant in the UK) Bath has lots of things to offer to art lovers. On the other hand, if you really fancy a cocktail, don’t hesitate to book yourself on to a cocktail master lesson. Circo (2-3 S Parade, Bath) is a good place to have a go with the mixology art and to establish a conversation with another cocktail student, who certainly will be happy to enjoy a cocktail with you afterwards.

Relax at The Roman Baths Abbey Church Yard, Bath, BA1 1LZ

Bath International Music Festival: 16th May 204 (Free admission)

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Marta López is a travel and lifestyle writer based in London. She loves cinema (especially French films), and photography. Currently she is working on her first novel based in the City of Light.

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