Attracting Women Isn’t As Difficult As It May Seem Fellas Not At All

Besides smelling good and having a pulse—all men can attract women. Have you ever wondered how certain guys who aren't particularly good-looking or rich can get gorgeous women and often? Of course, if you happen to look like Denzel Washington or Brad Pitt, I’m sure you don't have an issue getting women…right? Wrong. Many guys are above average looking that don't have every woman lining up to date them. How is that possible you ask?!!! Women are more attracted to confidence (personality) and status (money) then they are looks. They are emotional creatures, and the need to have someone give them emotional stability & financial stability is their priority – not looks (or even sex). Difficult to believe? I thought so too…but it's true.

Most human behavior comes from past learned behavior.

Remember, not many years ago women were solely dependent on men to provide for them financially – this need for women to look for stability is still present. I won't discuss ways to increase your financial net worth (lol), but I will discuss how “increasing” your confidence will attract plenty of hot women. They want to feel emotionally connected and respected by you…they also want a challenge (someone who isn't a push-over). Confident men respect themselves and, therefore, are usually not push-overs. Confidence symbolizes that you can protect and provide for women. It psychologically tells women that you have something to be confident about whether its: physically, mentally or financially (not many people are convinced without reason). Ideally, it would be all of the three! There is no substitute for confidence when attracting women.

Confident energy is sexual and intoxicating to women.

With confidence, you will attract women like magnets regardless of how you look! Remember women are emotional creatures us men are physical creatures. Have you ever been around someone and just felt comfortable with them? Or have ya been around someone and felt uncomfortable? What you were feeling is referred to as a vibe or energy that people subconsciously give off at all times. For instance, when you speak with women confidence is something that you can't fake. You either have it, or you don't, and that energy is sent out.

There are many ways that you can increase your confidence. One of those ways is what I call “acting” as if. Humans are creatures of habit…whatever we do consistently for a long enough period will soon become our natural instinct. For instance, if I usually go to sleep at a particular time consistently my body is going to make that a habit…no matter what the time. Our bodies just do what we tell it…nothing more nothing less. If you tell your body that you are confident and charismatic and can pick up plenty of hot chicks, your body will respond and create that reality. When I was at the height of picking up and sleeping with many women, I couldn't stop flirting with EVERY attractive woman I saw. Flirting became a habit. Being confident around women became a habit…but first I “acted as if”.

Take women off of the pedestal and put yourself on one.

Know your worth be confident and attract more women than you thought possible. Dating skills also give you confidenceYou get confidence by two ways: practicing a skill until it's second-nature &what you believe about yourself (affirmations can help) For instance, learning and mastering all the dating skills you need to pick up plenty of women will give you plenty of confidence. Learning dating techniques like line openers, closing the deal, texting 101, acting “as if,” getting her number, when to call and what to say, etc. are all ways to increase your confidence once you know what they are and practice them. ALSO You can gain confidence by using daily affirmations.

“What separates this site from other dating sites is our use of meditation and affirmations to aid in attracting women. The power of the mind is stronger than people believe. Our mind can help us to create anything we desire. The Law of attraction has been publicized widely through many books…and now through our book we specifically use this law to show you how to “attract” your dream woman or dream woman for the night!”Once you feel good about you, you’ll do good for you! When you feel better, you’ll do better…and attract plenty of hot women.The more you do something, the more second-nature it becomes and the more confidence you have in doing it. Like driving a car. It's the same when learning how to pick up chicks “repetition is the father of learning”. Practice practice the skills needed to get women and watch a number of women you attract. It will be outstanding.Women are very simple creatures. They are emotional and seek stability. Once you learn specific picking up skills/techniques, then master them through repetition as well as building confidence using the law of attraction (with affirmations & visualizations) you will attract more women than you probably ever thought possible.

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  1. This is a really informative blog… Kinda wish I knew this a few years ago. The good thing about dating sites are they give you more confidence (for a guys at least). I thought some woman still had that mentality that guys had to approach them first. Do you mind if I share this on my site

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