Fashion Mistakes Men Should Avoid in 2013


January announces the beginning of a New Year. Fashion isn’t all about women. This time we have something to say to the male folks who are extremely fashion conscious. Last year we saw some severe fashion mistakes men made. Mistakes that made them look either like a vintage car or tasteless. Do not repeat them again. Now if you don’t agree with this statement here we are with our reasons in the form of common mistakes men made in fashion during 2012. Take a look!

Ill-fitting suits

It appeared that winter came with little notice in 2012! The suits men wore were a size or two too big for them. So, even the most fashionable men wearing the most expensive suits looked like clowns! So, this time give yourself a shake and vow that you will at least have a summer coat that fit you properly this Winter.

Hook-like pockets

Trousers were the next thing that were unwisely picked by men during 2012. Why? Because every time they stood with either of their legs bent, the trouser pleats would poke their noses out like hooks! So, the pockets would stick out making them look ill fashioned. Tailor your trousers wisely this year so that the pleats at the fronts remain flat.

Un-tucked formals

Last year some guys continued to think that the only way to give their formals a twist was by keeping the shirts un-tucked. Unfortunately, this is very foolish as the terms ‘un-tucked’ and ‘formals’ just do not mix at all! So, the moral this year is, stay away from such unwise ideologies of fashion and make it a point to tuck in your formal shirt.

Big fat wallets

Those who have been thinking that a great way to attract pretty women is to flaunt their big fat wallets were proven wrong! Actually, they ridiculed themselves last year by making their pockets look like tortoise shells with their money packed wallet inside their pockets giving vivid evidence of its presence.  Come on, grow up! There are other ways to show you are rich. Therefore, trim your wallet and get a sleeker one, and throw away those hulking ones if you seriously want to get noticed by the fairer sex.

Though we have just entered a new year, some basics are still to be kept in mind. It is essential that you differentiate between party wear and formals. The colors for tone for this year are bright shades. So if you are meeting people in a casual or formal setting, then try to select bright colors.

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