How to Deal With Relationship Jealousy

relationship jealousy
relationship jealousy

Jealousy is at best a pain in the neck, but at worst it can pull an otherwise strong relationship apart and certainly cause a lot of heartache in the meantime. So if it does occur, what can be done?

Well what follows dear reader are 5 essential tips to not letting jealousy screw up your dating mojo.

Don’t Waste Any Time 

First step is to be quick, tackle those feelings of jealousy head on as soon as they arise. No, I’m not telling you to suppress them; admit to them, be honest with yourself and be proactive whether it is you or your partner who is being jealous.

Share It With The Class

If you are feeling jealous you owe it to your partner to be open and honest about your feelings and why you feel that way (if you know why). Keeping your feelings to yourself isn’t helping anyone, trust me.

Once you have shared, you can both work together to figure out what is causing it and how to solve it. That’s a good thing right?

So Why The Jealousy Then?

The next step is to try and figure out the cause. Sometimes the cause is clear, infidelity for instance; but more often than not the cause is less external than that. Often at the route of jealousy is insecurity.

Anyway, whatever the cause of your jealousy, once you and your partner have figured it out you can work on it. If it is your own insecurity it is important that you accept that and place blame on your partner; but once your partner knows they can at least try not to do anything that will exacerbate the problem.

Work On It

Figuring out the cause isn’t the same as solving it, and curing the problem will likely take work from both of you. When you are both pulling in the same direction you will naturally grow closer and stronger anyway, which will help a lot.

This process can take time, but if you try to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and don’t let jealousy consume you you will certainly have a good chance.

Do You Need Help?

Personally, I think that most problems can be solved between you and your partner, but if it is a really serious problem you need to be able to recognize that and consider getting professional help… Just a thought.

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  1. I totally agree with you. You can’t suppress these types of emotion. Your best bet is to ‘be here now’ and deal with them in the present, don’t let them build up.

  2. Dealing with jealousy is like eating a poison which ends the life. when jealousy came in any one relationship it spoil the whole life as it creates a lot of misunderstanding but on the other hand little bit jealousy is good to express your love but it should not be kept in habit.    

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