How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

How to Get Your Ex Back
How to Get Your Ex Back
The no-pants dance does not apply here, fellas.

In the event of a break up, emotions are running high and you find yourself wishing you could get your ex girlfriend back. Some relationships are not meant to last and that’s just a part of life that we all need to face. But oftentimes a great relationship hits an obstacle resulting in a separation that doesn’t have to be permanent.

Perhaps there was screaming and harsh words were exchanged, leading you to believe your ex girlfriend or wife will never take you back. Maybe she said those exact words. However, couples are reuniting all the time under worse circumstances than you’d imagine, just by using a strategy.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I really want my ex girlfriend back?” If the answer is a resounding yes, then I urge you to take the first step towards rekindling your relationship: No Contact. The No Contact rule is a strategy that is recommended my many relationship experts and entails exactly as the title suggests. This means abstaining from communication with your ex by any means including phone, text, in person and even Facebook.

This period of space between you is designed to get you in the correct mindset before asking for a second chance. Because in all honesty you are not emotionally prepared to do so at this point; remember that emotions are running high. Many people assume that no contact is simply a rule that forces you to leave your ex in peace for a while. On the contrary, this time is for your sake and is filled with action rather than a stagnant period of longing.

During the no contact period, you will focus on yourself; healing, building confidence, living healthfully, socializing and making amends. It’s crucial that you recognize that you will never have your old relationship back, and that you must build a strong foundation for a new one. Don’t worry, that one wasn’t working anyways.

When you buy a broken product and return it, you expect a new one, free of defects. This break up is a wonderful chance to exchange your broken relationship with your ex for a fresh start.

As you work towards becoming the man that you want to be for yourself and for your ex girlfriend, she will be experiencing your absence. And you know how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder. By cutting ties with her you afford her the chance to miss you and feel that desire to have something she can’t: You.

For more about the no contact rule visit this Blog: http://www.girlfriendmagnet.com/no-contact-rule/

Rest assured she will be the one to contact you and when she does you’d best have a plan of attack in place. That is, a strategy. Because your next move is of extreme importance in the grand scheme of your success. Don’t make the mistake of becoming desperate and ruining the progress you’ve made.

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Mike Sullivan is a relationship expert sharing relationship advice on his blog: http://www.GirlfriendMagnet.com/blog

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  1. Nice post Mike. I would like to add a few things here. It happens we miss our partner in lour life and many of the reasons of this are unexplained. I have had the case and got iit resolve when I was asked to go through Tokii. Tokii’s innovative games inspire couples to think more deeply about the most intimate facets of their lives. As they play the games and answer the questionnaires, couples will find themselves sharing values, desires, and fantasies with ease and even humor. Thanks for all your advice and helping the people.

  2. The no contact rule is for real. In the beginning of the breakup i didnt follow. i was begging crying all of it. i had never had a big breakup and it was ithe most painful experience of my life. we spent 2 yrs together and in the end she just couldnt hold on. i finally started looking at these sites. i follwed the rules. i was only slightly available to her. i was polite but not long on the few calls i let through. she had another man that was more attractive physically and financially stable. i knew it was over. but the love we shared was true. And her inability to get in touch with me and the fact that i appeared to have moved on, brought her back. our relationship is truely strong and better for it.

    1. Jack after reading your post I am going no contact rule for sure. God bless you brother I hope I have the same results.

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