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The Truth About Dating a Cougar

The definition of a cougar is… Let’s throw out our definition of what a cougar is and be real. If you have ever thought about dating an older woman (and who hasn’t?), you’re probably familiar with the way the fantasy...

/ March 3, 2015

All About the Cougar

Have you ever experienced dating older women? If not and you are interested in having such an affair, you need to find out the most common characteristics of these women.  The term cougar is used to define a woman, usually...

/ June 17, 2013
cougar mania

Cougar Mania. What's it Good For?

Our friends, Nic and Neely over at the Dating Market Place are having an amazing discussion about the so-called Cougarmania that has gripped the dating and mating world. It sort of reminds me of this time when I dated a...

/ August 14, 2011

Damn, We Should Have a Theme Week, Like Shark Week! With Less Blood!

There I was sitting on my pleather couch eating a fist full of self respect and washing it down with a stiff glass of shut the hell up juice! My eyes were fixed on the TV. You see, it was...

/ August 13, 2010

The Golden Girls > Sex in the City

Why the heck am I writing about the Golden Girls in the first place? It does seem rather odd. I was with the gal I'm seeing and we got on the topic of the Golden Girls. We got on that...

/ February 12, 2010