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7 Reasons to Dump the ‘Bad Boy’ Boyfriend

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Why you’re Wasting Your Time with Him

The appeal of a bad boy is pretty universal, but you'll only ever get so far with him before it all goes wrong.

It's no secret that us ladies love a bad boy or two. The thrill of the chase, the unpredictability, the enigmatic personality – there are almost too many reasons to count. They keep us coming back again and again, no matter how many times we get hurt. When is enough really enough though? We're put together a list of reasons why you should ditch your bad boy and find a nice guy – because you really do deserve better.

You can't count on him

He's unreliable. Yes, we know that it doesn't need saying really – but putting it in black and white can really help you to see why you should walk away. He'll stand you up countless times for a better offer (probably from another woman!) and when he does want to see you it'll be at a moment's notice, aka when he's on his own and knows that you'll come running!

He puts himself first

He's not going to put your needs first. Bad boys are a pretty selfish kind of guy. They're always chasing thrills for the rush that it gives them, so don't hold out much hope of him planning a romantic getaway. If you’re not giving him something that he wants, he's not interested, paying no thought to doing something just for you.

He's not going to change

We're always adamant that we can change a bad boy into a good one. Well, you'll never be able to ‘fix' them. We're determined to prove that they're a good person on the inside and yes, they probably are! However, you can't force someone to grow and change. They need to do that on their own – and you need to come back after they've grown up.


You'll be doing all of the work

You really shouldn't be doing all of the chasing. You'll be constantly texting and calling him to no avail, while putting your own plans with your friends and family on hold while you wait for him to change his mind. You're much better off with someone who's actually going to call you back.

He's only after one thing

If he's just in it for the sex, then you deserve better in the bedroom. While you might think that someone who is only after sex will be good at, you'd be surprised! Bad boys only care about one thing – their own pleasure. So while they're having the time of their life, you'll be feeling a little unsatisfied. So if they're selfish enough to not give you a second thought between the sheets, it's time to ditch them.

He's not here to be your friend

A bad boy is never going to be your friend, no matter how hard you try. They'll never properly open up to you, something which is vital in a lasting relationship. Put it this way – if you can't laugh with and confide in them, it's not going to last. Having someone who is just as much a friend as they are a lover is very important.

He'll just keep on hurting you

At the end of the day, you'll never stop getting hurt. Whether it's not being able to trust them or not knowing where you really stand, you're never going to find happiness with a bad boy. If someone is going to keep upsetting you time and time again, you need to move on.

Let the nice guy finish first for once

While bad boys are great for a bit of no-strings fun, when it comes to long-term relationships they simply don't cut the mustard. If you're looking to settle down, then it's worth giving a nice guy a chance. It may not be as much of an exciting roller-coaster ride – but feeling happy and secure in a relationship really is the best feeling in the world.

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Suzanne Kent is the Founder of Kent’s No1 Escort Agency – Suzanne’s Escorts. Suzanne is looking to write her own novel in the near future so she can also share her own stories!

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