Roommate Pairing Sheets

Pillow FIghting Roommates
Pillow FIghting Roommates

You ever wonder why they handed out those dorm room assignment sheets that asked you to clarify all your likes, dislikes and behavioral tendencies? Well it’s because they were simply trying to match you up with somebody that they thought would be fitting.

In other words, your roommate selection would be based on how you answered. Of course, when you take a handful of kids from many different schools, backgrounds, families and ethnicities, you’re going to get a very diverse group. Basically, they want you to “get along” with the person they intend on making you room with. In 2011, I believe this is a fantastic method for human pairing that people are who are truly interested in finding a life partner should follow.

Our world is shifting gradually towards logic and practicality; there are a growing number of divorces each year, and people are simply losing interest in one another too quickly. Many folks version of love is based on happenstance and superficiality. In other words, you’re initial impression of somebody may have been skewed based on circumstance. Perhaps they just drank 14 cups of coffee and won the lottery that day, and that’s why they were so cheery when you met them? Likewise, they could be the most attractive person in the world and make everybody else seem inferior.

By indulging and asking questions, you can quickly get to the bottom of how well a potential significant other will match up with you. This doesn’t always have to be done electronically, but can certainly start that way. and many other sites base their processes on some of these basic elements, along with many other detailed question-response specific methods. Of course, getting married to strangers is definitely no way to pursue a long healthy relationship with somebody, so should always go through a “vetting” process before you get to the point of intimacy. So it starts with validation and selection through a detailed matchmaking process, followed by trial and error.

With such a high divorce rate, it’s no wonder why something like this might be practical. The fact that you perhaps “lost interest” might mean that there was no interest there to begin with – It was all surface layer. In order to really understand the intricacies of a partner, you should always complete your own dorm room assignment sheet. Find out where they’re interests lie and whether or not they’re after the same things as you in terms of a relationship.

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