3 Pitfalls to Avoid While Dating Online

online dating
online dating

Online dating has been around for as long as the internet, but today it's more popular than ever. With smart phone apps like ok Cupid, lets date, and even the naughty ones like grindr and blendr, meeting new people in your area has never been easier. These apps have made online dating more accessible but it hasn't made dating any easier. So here are some pro tips to avoid some awkward situations and pit falls of the online dating world.

Keep it light. Drinks or dinner is plenty, don't try and be the most romantic man/woman in the world. Just be yourself. Women can smell desperation a mile away and no cologne in the world can cover that up. If you connected on the Internet from light banter and goofy jokes then stick to that. Don't try to be something you're not. One of my favorite dates is to go get a drink, maybe a light meal and then go out dancing. Now I love to dance, so that's me being me. Don't take someone dancing to impress them if you are not a dancer. Find something you enjoy doing and share that passion.The biggest sin is to bore your date. And if they don't enjoy the activities you love to do so much then maybe you just aren't compatible anyhow. Having a second location to take your dates is always good to have on hand. This way it keeps things interesting and if things get boring you can always switch it up.

Pictures Pictures Pictures. It's a shallow world online dating and unfortunately if you don't catch someone's eye with your looks you're unlikely to get them interested in your personality. As awful as that sound, you don't want to be a dating profile pic faker. We've all been tricked. A photo from a couple years ago or a mischievous angle that sheds the pounds. Maybe even some hair to cover up a wonky eye. I know I sound hurtful and blunt but I'm just being honest and that's appealing believe it or not. Don't be ashamed of your body. Revel in it. Put it out there for the world to see. There are men and women out there that will be attracted to you. Confidence is the most attractive quality. Don't trick someone with your pictures or else when it comes time to meet you'll have some ‘splaining to do and your first impression will be as a bit of a liar and deceiver.

Bring your date around your friends. You know how your friends are always saying you are so nice and they don't understand why you are still single? That probably means you act differently around dates than you do with friends. Around friends you'll be more comfortable and they can help to validate how cool of a person you are. Obviously you want to spend time with your date and not just your friends so be sure to not to ignore your date if you are in a group setting. Also be particular with which friends you bring around, make sure you invite friends that will highlight your personality and help you shine, you don't need any showboating friends that will steal the spotlight and forget to help out your pursuit of love.The moral of this story? Be yourself! I think so many people are drawn to online dating because of the anonymity of it. “I'm unsuccessful with men or women so I'll go online where I can be anyone! I can be someone who is suave and smooth and the perfect lover.” Unfortunately, it does not work that way. The anonymity just breaks down the initial walls and makes connecting easier, which is an amazing tool but eventually you need to admit who you are. The sooner you start to embrace yourself the sooner the opposite sex will too.Happy Dating!

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