Top Seven Survival Tips For Dating In Winter


Summer dating is fun, breezy, easy and winter dating, is, well, a lot harder. It’s cold outside, it gets dark so early, the TV schedule is rammed, your favourite winter jumper probably has a few holes in it… you get the picture. However, here at, we think dating should be a top priority and fun all year-round, so here are our top tips to get through these winter months with a smile on your face:

  1. Love your winter woollies: Yes your opaque tights or beanie hat might not be as attractive as sun-kissed bare legs or perfectly styled hair, but being comfortable is the most important thing when dressing for a date. Don’t try to fight it, just wear something that makes you feel cosy and happy and focus on having a good time.

  2. Embrace winter dating activities: While the idea of a ‘winter date’ might make you conjure up the image of you and your partner having a Chinese takeaway under the rug on the sofa, think about other non-coach potato ideas. Ice-skating, building a snowman, a cooking class, a coffee date or a hot tub session are all fun dates. Never felt so hot? That’s the idea, people!

  3. Get outside more: With the shorter days and lack of sunlight, many people find themselves feeling tired, more depressed and less up for dating then usual. The best way to combat this is to head outside as much as possible. Go for a run, play Frisbee in the park or just sit with a takeout coffee during your lunch break. Being in the natural light will raise your levels of serotonin and Vitamin D, so you feel happier and more pro-active when it comes to finding Mr and Mrs Right.

  4. Be looked after: Being bundled up in the cold brings our caring instincts, so girls if your man offers to lend you his jacket, say yes and guys, you may be freezing but she will remember the gesture and like you a little bit more for it.

  5. Accept all the invites that come your way: While winter is not great for many things (anyone else got a runny nose?), it is fantastic for the parties. Starting with Halloween, right through until Christmas, there will hopefully be parties aplenty. If you are single or attached accept every invitation that comes your way, put on your glad rags and work the room.

Don’t let your beauty regime slip: Girls, it is much more acceptable to let your leg hair grow during the winter months but do not allow yourself to morph into Chewbacca. This is not a good look. A mani/pedi can work wonders when it comes to boosting your confidence, too. Guys, when your beard and ‘tache start collecting food, it is time for a trim.

Look on the positive side: Yes, dating in winter might feel like hard work but if you meet someone you actually like, science says autumn and winter love is more likely to lead to a long-term relationship.

Good luck winter daters? If you’ve got any other tips, drop us a line @lovestruck

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