3 of the Best Luxury Restaurants in the UK to Take a Date

3 luxury restaurants in the UK
3 luxury restaurants in the UK

Dating is a thing, as-is luxury. They're often considered mutually exclusive. It's fun and there's no end to the things you can do and the places you can go. Fine dining is a lost art, it seems, in the context of dating. Many of my friends can't remember the last time they went to a luxury restaurant!

Luxury is often considered to be a subjective term, as it can mean different things depending on your outlook, philosophy and goals as an individual. Take fine dining, for example, where luxury can relate to everything from the interior design elements of a restaurant, the surrounding geographical location to the type of food that is served on a daily basis. Beyond the fancy pomp and circumstance, a fine dining establishment is a romantic opportunity to seize upon and your date will absolutely love the change of pace!

The only single component that unites all luxury restaurants is the pricing and cost of the food, which usually reflect a particular standard that guests aspire to as individuals. Yet it is also a time to branch out and try something new. You and your date can be adventurous and romantic at the same time.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best and most luxurious restaurants available on the existing market. These include: –

The Casino at the Empire, London’s West End

Perhaps you and your date are feeling a little like role-playing like spies from a 007 film. Following the tradition of the great resorts in Atlantic City and along the Vegas Strip, the Casino at the Empire is one of the finest locations in the whole of London’s West End. It also transcends the typical casino environment to deliver a fine dining experience that is out of the world, with a luxurious menu, stylish interior and some of the most satisfying customer service imaginable. You can, of course, live the life of a high-roller, or at least people watch those who actually are and then settle in for an exquisite meal. This is a restaurant that remains ideal for online gamblers or fans of the Platinum Play slots app who want to experience a genuine casino experience, as they can sample thrills, outstanding food and world-class accommodation during a single visit.

The Ethicurean, Wrington near Bristol

If you and your date are looking for something a little more “down to earth” then maybe you want to check out The Ethicurean. Created and designed from the old orangery of an Edwardian walled garden, the Ethicurean has an organic menu that has been inspired by the very ingredients that it grows in its grounds. Renowned for its world-class rabbit confit with lovage breadcrumbs or goat bacon, it changes its menu daily and has a reputation for serving rich simple but indulgent dishes. Also winners of the Observer Food Monthly's Best Ethical Eats award in 2011, it is a luxurious establishment that celebrates local produce and the lives of its regular customers. After eating here, you'll want to do nothing more than curl up and have a nap with your love, keep your hands to yourselves, though!

The Curlew at Bodiam, East Sussex

The Curlew is just the spot where those with a sense of style and flair go to eat and socialize. A place where style and flamboyance meets country cuisine, The Curlew at Bodiam is a luxurious city eatery located in the heartlands of the UK’s great outdoor terrain. Simplicity and seasonality are adhered to with an almost obsessive attention to detail here, which creates glorious dishes that embody the values of a luxurious and indulgent taste. A Michelin star restaurant with an eye for detail and creative taste combinations, it also delivers affordable luxury to local residents who have become accustomed to the very best. This is a place where you can go, get the fine dining experience and not feel out-of-place.

The next time you feel like being adventurous, don't mind spending a few bits of coin and want to enjoy a decadent meal try these three favorites during your next romp in the U.K.

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