You Know Those Weird/Funny Online Dating Messages You Get?

Well, I don’t get many of them, but I sure as shit send a whole lot of em! So I’m sure my messages have been read by others… It’s okay. I can take the shaming.

Anyway, I’m introducing a new feature to the site. The feature, if you couldn’t already figure it out is for people to share their funny, weird, depraved online dating messages that they randomly receive.

online dating messages

Has this happened to YOU? Source:


Sure, it’s not an original idea, but I don’t see too many folks doing it and I figured now would be a good time to “beta test” this idea for a few months and see if we can get some interest generated with it. We’ll go over the messages and see what we can use and post them to the site.

That said, what do you all think? What would you see out of a column having to do with these messages? Or, better yet, what’s out there that already does this?

If you’ve got some gold, feel free to share it by using the form below. Or you can submit your stories here:

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  1. says

    When i read your title, i thought you were one of the victims and was about to go on a whole lot of complaining but you are the culprit. LOL! By the way, does that feature also tells from whom the message come from? Because if that’s the case, people should be more careful.

    Express Dating.

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