Five Guilt-Free Ways for Girls to Enjoy Casual Dating

Boring couples
Boring couples
Hmmm… yaaaaawn…

You've made the decision to be single because a serious relationship is not on every girls agenda. But what happens after you've made that decision? The following tips will help you retain your sanity, avoid crushing other people's feelings and still have as much fun as possible while casual dating.

1. Claim your status – Whenever anyone asks if you're ready to settle down or enter a serious relationship you should always say, “No, I do not want a relationship.” Don't mince words. A strong and definitive answer to this question will avert major misunderstandings later. Make your position, on relationships, known to your friends and family. It's important to avoid any indecision in this area. Don't send mixed signals.

2. Use an alias – There's no need to give your real name to someone you don't intend to know more than one week. Don't use your actual business cards either. Spend a few bucks on new cards printed with your alias and a disposable phone number. If you don't feel comfortable using an alias or if you're afraid you might forget what you renamed yourself – you could always use your nickname.

3. Get a backup phone – Don't give Mr. Right Now your real phone number. Get another disposable cellphone and use it for anyone you meet while in the casual dating zone. To avoid an embarrassing situation, you'll need to remember to turn off the ringer on your primary phone during the date.

4. Create distance – Never bring casual dates to your home, work or introduce them to any of your real friends. Casual, in this case, means temporary and that is how you should treat them.

5. Regarding Sex – Only become intimate if you can say, “I'm fine with never seeing or hearing from this person again.” Casual sex can be great but don't try to convert your casual date into your new mate. The key to casual dating is not getting emotionally attached. After intimacy, don't linger, get dressed and leave immediately without saying goodbye. Okay, you can use your best judgment about the goodbye part.

Of course, by following these five tips you'll have revealed virtually nothing real about yourself to your date. Don't worry, this wont be a problem if you only see them once or twice. Why? Because, in this case, casual means temporary and you'll be on to the next one.

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Matchmaker Mary Wright is the founder of boutique firm Unlocked Love Matchmakers LLC, based in New York. Mary offers matchmaking, image consulting and dating advise to both men and women worldwide. —

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  1. Wow, Mary. I’m slow clapping right now. Pretty awesome advice.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Casual Sex, as long as people are smart about it. I think that’s the outline you’ve put together here. If you’re gonna be casual, be smart about it. Nicely done.

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