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The Ethics of Ghosting

P1: You’re still interested in a person and continue to communicate with them. P2: The other party is no longer communicating. P3: The other party is no longer interested. C: You just got ghosted Ghosting is an infamous, colloquial, and...

/ July 9, 2019

How to Land a DATE with a F-Boy

This is part sarcastic, part application, and part true; Take what resonates with you. Laugh about it or live it! They are crawling over Tinder. With 3 out of 4 their pics displaying their bed. Or gorgeous bod. Or eyes....

/ June 13, 2019
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Warning: Small Penis Ahead

I adore Coach bags. I was drooling over a new satchel bag online and decided to go to the Coach store to view it in person. When I arrived at the store to purchase it, imagine my surprise that the...

/ December 12, 2014
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When Finding Mr. Right: Should You Date a Lot or a Little?

So, you’re single and ready to mingle. You’re beginning to wonder if finding Mr. Right is going to happen…or actually starting to wonder who on Earth said there was even a Mr. Right out there! The dating scene can be...

/ April 29, 2014
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Five Guilt-Free Ways for Girls to Enjoy Casual Dating

You've made the decision to be single because a serious relationship is not on every girls agenda. But what happens after you've made that decision? The following tips will help you retain your sanity, avoid crushing other people's feelings and...

/ August 6, 2012