The Impact of the Media on the “Adult Dating” Niche.

shutterstock_124090633There are many factors that have contributed to an increase in people getting involved and signing up to a new stream of “Adult Dating” sites. Sites such as Marital Affair paved the way in the UK and US as early adopters of the niche, whilst bigger players such as Plenty Of fish have launched their arm of adult dating more recently. One of the biggest factors in this rise in interest is the media. Yet, in what ways has the media influenced people's attitudes and opinions of adult dating? Let’s take a look.


With the exception of pornographic novels, the most illicit content in literature accessed by regular people in history was probably a fumble in the stables with the gardener. Authors have now become much braver in the content of their literature with the storylines becoming ever racier. This is partly due to changes of attitude in society and the popular demand for sex to play a leading role in such works. Tales of extramarital affairs and the sexually exciting lives of fictitious characters inspire people to get some of the action for themselves. Casual sex dating is emerging as the perfect way to live out fantasies that are largely derived from fiction.


The focus of the press was once on politics and world events. In many newspapers, the focus has changed to matters that interest the general public, such as celebrity lifestyles. The public love nothing more than reading about the complicated love and sex lives of those in the public eye. With true life stories brought to their attention – no matter how exaggerated these stories are – many people feel an increased desire to liven up their own sex life and add a little variety. From member feedback on adult dating site, it’s apparent that almost 25% of their female members cite celebrity role models and their antics as a form of motivation to spark up their own sex lives.

Film and television

Television and films have also highlighted the more risqué and exciting aspects of other people's sex lives, both real and fictional, and have subsequently inspired people to try out new things in the bedroom (not always their own). The Fifty Shades phenomena was a huge player in the sharp rises seen in sign ups to many of the biggest dating sites in the adult dating niche. The idea of trying out new things and experimenting in their sex lives led to many individuals seeking out other like-minded individuals to try these things, their very own Mr Grey if you like.

It could also be argued that films and soap operas often glamorize affairs and make them seem like an exciting prospect. When this impression is given and people want to sample a taste of the excitement for themselves, finding out more about setting up a casual encounter or two is just one measure they may take.

Online media

In the technological age that we are living in today, much of the media activity takes place online. The majority of people can access the Internet in the comfort of their own home either using a laptop, a PC or a mobile device. Whereas people may once have struggled to access information about what is involved in adult dating, people who are curious can now find out more in private via the Internet. It’s this increased level of privacy and discretion that makes living out your fantasies online a much less daunting prospect.

In the past decade, the number of people getting involved in adult dating has increased significantly and the media has played a large role in its popularity. Each type of media has played its own role in influencing the way people perceive this type of dating and general attitudes to sex in society are also changing. Thankfully, for those of you reading this finding yourself thinking that adult dating is an appealing prospect you’re in luck. The medias increased interest and involvement means that there are more people like you in the world than ever before, so get out there and enjoy it.

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James has worked as an analyst at one of the UK's biggest Adult Dating Sites for 2 years now. He loves to share his findings with anyone who will listen to his sometimes shocking and surprising insights. In his spare time he is an avid photographer and habitual people watcher.

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