Reviving Dying Passion In Relationships With Simple Gestures


“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”Epicurus

Who never dreams of having a fairy tale love story? I guess nobody. We all dream to have a happy and lasting relationship just like what we see in movies or what we read in books – just like how Cinderella lived happily ever after with her Prince Charming. However, it’s for a known fact that we are living in reality – where actual trials and challenges happen that tests the rope in every relationship. Life is full of ups and downs and life is never fair – same as with relationships. There are certain points in life when couples or partners go through the rocks and for some, the “love drug” just simply fades away through time, leading the passion to die and be buried. These are the common reasons why people breakup; for they think that they fell out of love with their other half.

Despite all the negativities lurking in your mind, there’s no reason to throw things away just like that. You are lucky enough to have spent your life with the person you love and who loves you in return and in the long run, if somehow you think that love has left your nest, surrender is not the answer – nor is cheating. The best solution for that is to rekindle the passion and reignite the love one more time. Some would say it’s a lot sweeter the second time around, so why not give it a try? Besides, you’re going to do for the benefit of both of you, no one else.

Picture yourself on those days when you were both happy and how you chose to be with one another against all odds – don’t let that go to waste. The big question here is, HOW?

If you are more than willing to give your relationship another shot in love, even simple gestures could do the trick as long as you put effort and much value to it.

  1. Initiate Conversation

Don’t be afraid to start a worthy and meaningful conversation with your partner. Through the years or months of being together, sometimes you no longer talk about random things that lead to endless exchange of ideas and thoughts. This time, make the first move and start by asking a question and don’t go for the obvious one. Have a sit and a cup of coffee while both of you are having a conversation.

  1. “I Love You” and “Thank You” Are Still The Magic Words

Though it might be hard to say these words, you still have to try if you want things to work out. These two words still ring the bells of magic to the ears and touch the heart. Even if you say in as a whisper, make sure that the message comes from the heart. As much as possible, do it often. You have a lot of reasons to be thankful to your partner anyway despite your arguments.

  1. Prepare Breakfast In Bed

One of the most romantic and heartwarming gesture that you could do is to prepare breakfast in bed. You could make eggs, pancake, bacon and anything that your partner loves to eat in the morning. Add fruits and a glass of milk or juice. Sweeten things up by placing a flower and a personal note along with it. Certainly it’ll carve a smile on your other half’s face and could be start of another happy chapter of your relationship.

  1. Cook For Dinner

When was the last time you cooked dinner for the one you love? Well then, do it tonight. Cook his/her favorite dish and pair it up with an excellent bottle of wine to make it even more romantic. You don’t have to be an excellent chef to cook, you just have to put extra effort to it and add the secret recipe – LOVE. Set the table, decorate it with scented candles and flowers – simple dinner date but memorable.

  1. Spend A Weekend On A Vacation

Both of you needs a break from all the worries and from your busy lives. Have time with each other and go for a vacation. Spend a weekend getaway in the beach or somewhere that you want to go – search the internet for great deals. Give time to have fun and explore the great outdoors, this way, both of you will rediscover what happiness means – to be with one another.

  1. Watch A Movie At Home

Make tonight an exception from your boring nights – go ahead and watch a movie. Grab a popcorn and ask your partner to watch with you. Share this moment to enjoy a great movie, may it be action, romance, comedy or drama. It may seem simple yet it’s a great start to relive your promise of forever.

  1. Make Your Partner Laugh

Laughter is indeed the best medicine, so make sure to make your partner laugh. Crack jokes, make silly gestures and be funny. After a while, you’ll witness the laugh that you fell for years ago. Yes, this scene will not happen in slow motion just like in movies, yet it’s pretty clear that it’ll make your heart pound. You know you missed that laugh, thus, don’t hesitate to do so.

Reviving dying passion in relationships doesn’t have to be extravagant, expensive and complicated, it only needs your time and effort. You also have to be consistent in your actions and half-assed attempts are good for nothing – instead, put your heart to it. It all depends on your choices and no one could tell how and what to do about it; you hold the key in reopening the doors of your promise to a lasting relationship. The key here is: TIME.

Now, are you willing to take a step give it a try today? Share your thoughts below.

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