How To Keep Romance Alive

keeping passion alive
keeping passion alive

If you have started to realize that your relationship is losing a bit of its passion and romance, you may be comforted to know that this is perfectly normal, and happens in many relationships at some point or another. Eventually, we all realize that we have to work to keep relationships passionate, but for many of us, it takes a bit of a romantic lapse to help us realize it! However, there are a number of different steps you can consider that can help you to avoid these types of lapses, and keep romance, passion and lust alive in your relationship. To some extent, you should simply consider some of these ways on your own, relative to your specific relationship and partner. However, here are a few basic tips of ways to keep romance alive.

• Stay in shape! People often joke about it – they feel the need to work out, eat right, wear makeup, dress nicely, etc. when they are single, but as soon as they get into relationships they feel safe letting themselves go a little bit. However, let’s face it – we tend to be more attracted to our partners the more in shape and healthy they are, so try not to lose your desire to work out and eat well just because you’ve found a partner. Staying in good shape means that you both stay as desirable as possible.

• Don’t stop doing the little things that made you appealing in the first place. There are thousands and thousands of little gestures and acts throughout each day that keep a romantic tension and desire alive. It may be something that’s simply polite and classy, like holding the door for your partner regularly, or something a bit more intimate, like rubbing his or her shoulders for a minute here and there. These things are easy to let slip, but they play a large role in maintaining a romantic connection, so it is important to continue to practice them.

• Finally, don’t be afraid to try new things in the bedroom. For most long-term couples, a romantic connection is founded largely in emotions and actions, but keeping your sex life active and dynamic certainly can’t hurt. This may just mean trying something new now and then, or it may mean experimenting a bit more, perhaps by ordering a product or two from a site like Whatever your specific solution may be, do try to find ways to “spice up” your sex life, as this can create new romantic sparks that keep your relationship working at its highest level.

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  1. Awesome advice, I also think building emotional intimacy and connection gets more important the deeper you get into a relationship. After a while the attraction is only part of it, and you want to grow to be close friends and confidants.

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