Never Marry a Momma’s Boy: and 62 Other Men to Avoid Like the Plague!


I have recently published a book titled “Never Marry a Momma’s  Boy and 62 other men to avoid like the plague!”   This book deals with types of men and the problems they automatically bring to a relationship.

Now don’t get me wrong-I really like men-I have been married 4 times (yes, four-I am the eternal optimist!).  Men can be interesting creatures-they see the world differently than women, have different interests, and can be fun to be around (not to mention the sex thing!).

But “Being around” a man and marrying him are two different things!  Marriage changes everything-you are stuck with the whole person, not just the fun parts!

Men and women are very different (in case you haven’t noticed!) Men tend to be shallower and more rooted in the moment.  Women tend to be more introspective, caring, and nurturing.  We plan more for the future, and just generally have a much deeper nature in all ways.  It makes me laugh that most of the famous philosophers were men-the women were probably at home caring for the family and guiding him in his deep, deep thoughts (that he got credit for!)  Anyway, back to our topic…

Some men are genuinely wonderful people (in some ways). Sometimes you would swear this same man had the brains of a nit- and just about as much compassion and understanding!

With all this said, many categories of men come with predictable problems, not just because of the man.  Certain problems are just inherent with different habits, families, personalities, or occupations.

This book has been the result of years of observations made as a Public Health Nurse, also working in the ER, Labor and Delivery and teaching Psychology.  As the years passed, I noticed, as many of you probably have also, that many men tend to fall into categories, with each category having its own set of problems.

This book was triggered by an event at work-the Momma’s  Boy of a co-worker was engaged.  Looking at the invitation sent to our office(with a lovely picture of the couple) was a horrifying experience-I saw myself years earlier, and knew exactly what kind of hell that poor girl was going to marry into!  That started a cascade of thoughts about types of men to avoid.

At around the same time I emailed an author about a book of hers that I loved, mentioning that I liked to write.  She said “Only you can write your book”.

Well, this book took over my life-I would dream of types of men-and wake up to write them down.  In the bathtub, types would pop into my mind, and I would scribble them down as soon as I stepped out.  I wanted to be done, but kept thinking of different types.

I felt that if I could save ONE woman from a bad marriage, then I would be happy!

So here I am, sharing this on the Urban Dater blog-I hope it helps someone, or at least makes you laugh!  If you read this book, please email me your thoughts a tsusanconner99 at  I would love to hear from you!

Here is the link to my book:  “Never Marry a Momma’s Boy, and 62 other men to avoid like the plague!

Author Profile

Susan Conner is a Registered Nurse who has been a Public Health nurse for years. During this time she has "Seen and Heard Almost Everything!" She has also taught college level Psychology,credentialed by UCLA. With her interest and training in Psychology and Nursing, she has been an astute observer of human behavior and tendencies. What began as a "Rant" about something she was observing became a goal of "Preventing even ONE woman from making a predictably bad marriage!" Many people who have read her book have told her she has already accomplished that goal!

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  1. Wow….give some of us men a break. You make yourself sound pretty damned good and make most men sound like garbage. There are a lot worthless men, but there are also a lot of worthless women.

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