Female Flirting Signs: How to Tell if She’s Into You

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While women can sometimes be mysterious creatures, every woman who is interested in a man will let it be known. Some women might feel comfortable walking right up to you and telling you directly. For others, that kind of forwardness may be outside of their comfort zone, and so they’ll show more subtle signs.

Today we’ll discuss some common female flirting signs so that you’ll never miss your cue to flirt back! A woman may be flirting with you if she…

1. Plays with her hair or jewelry while talking to you

Playing with hair or jewelry can be a nervous habit, and many women will do this when they’re flirting. If you’re talking with a woman and notice she’s twirling her hair or jewelry, she’s likely flirting with you! Take this as a sign to flirt back, and see where the conversation leads.

2. Laughs and smiles at you

A woman who is engaged in conversation will show interest in you by smiling while she’s speaking or laughing at a joke you just told. Flirtatious laughing and smiling are often giddy-feeling, which many people describe as “butterflies.” If her interest in the conversation makes you feel a combination of nervousness and excitement, she’s likely flirting with you!

3. Keeps the conversation flowing

When you’re talking with a woman who is flirting with you, you’ll know because she will be genuinely interested in continuing the conversation. This interaction will also feel different than speaking with a friend or colleague. Perhaps you’re discussing your latest binge-watch on Netflix, and she excitedly exclaims that the show you mentioned is also her favorite. Suddenly, you find yourself taking a deep dive into the plot twists and characters. You’ll know she’s into you when she is eager to have a conversation about something you both love!

4. Makes eye contact with you while biting her lip

This common flirtatious move is not as subtle as some of the other cues. When a woman is interested, she will zero in on it and make her intentions known. Perhaps you’re across the room and she’s trying to get your attention. If she’s making eye contact with you and also bites her lip, that’s your sign to go up and talk to her!

5. Communicates with open body language

Body language is a great indicator of how someone is feeling. A woman who is trying to be flirtatious may put her hand on your leg or touch your hand while laughing at a joke. Women communicate with their bodies frequently. If her arms are crossed or if she is turned away from you, she may not be interested. On the other hand, if her eyes and body are looking directly at you and she sneaks in a touch every now and then, she’s likely flirting with you!

Final thoughts on female flirting signs

Many women communicate with body language and sometimes when it comes to women who may be more forward, they tell you directly. The female flirting signs we went over today can be subtle if you don’t know what to look for. So now you are prepared to never miss your cue because you know some of the most common signs you might receive!

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