Affordable Hot Tub Romance? You Bet.


Few things are more romantic than a night in the hot tub. A little over a year ago my girlfriend and I moved out of our apartment complex and into a rooftop condo across town. Our previous residence had a hot tub, but it was a community hot tub which took a bit of the romance out of it. Nonetheless, we did enjoy the occasional nightcap with a glass of wine. Upon moving into our new residence we were both a bit bummed out that we'd be living without a hot tub since there was no way to install one in our small rooftop condo. After a little research, however, we realized we did indeed have an option for our romantic oasis.

While lamenting the loss of our hot tub one evening I decided to do a quick Google search for “portable hot tub”. This was partially a joke because, honestly, who would make such a thing? Well, as it turns out, there are a few different options for portable hot tubs and we were very surprised when we finally ordered an Aerospa hot tub from the Swimtown Pool Supplies website and got a fully functioning inflatable hot tub.

The box weighed all of about 40 pounds when it arrived and I took it to the back porch and followed the instructions and inflated it in a matter of minutes. I turned on the hose and poured in the chemicals as instructed and 45 minutes after it arrived on my doorstep I had an inflatable hot tub full of cold water. The heater took about 36 hours to get warmed up to 105 degrees and when it did, we fired up the jets, grabbed a couple glasses of wine and took in the city skyline from our new romantic rooftop abode. For a mere $500 we've been enjoying our new hot tub through harsh Michigan weather for more than a year.

If you love a romantic evening in the hot tub, don't feel confined by your budget or your limited space. Whether you're looking for a little love shack for you and your significant other or trying to spice up your bachelor/bachelorette pad there are inexpensive options that are well worth looking into.

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