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How to Prepare For A Movie Date

movie date
movie date

Movie dates are still a good way to spend time with your special someone even with the technology we have today. Watching movies at home on your flat screen or on your laptop may not have the same appeal as going out to the movies. The nostalgic ambiance of the theater brings about romance and fun to a typical date night. For a successful movie date, here are some ways to prepare for it.

Know her preferences. Ask ahead about the movies she like and if there is a particular theme she hates. Ask as well if she has a specific movie in mind. If it's up to you to decide, pick out the movies with a lighter theme, like comedy or action. Avoid movies that are too sentimental or too deep as you want to have a casual experience, particularly on the first date.

Ask about snacks. Food is also a factor in making a movie date a success. Make sure to ask her if she has food allergies or aversions. It is also a good idea to share a tub of popcorn for a more intimate experience, but make sure that she is okay with it.

Pick out the date and time. It often depends on the movie you are going to watch. If you decide to choose the movie when you're there at the movie theater, pick out the date and time most convenient for the both of you.

Pick her up or meet up? Volunteer to pick her up at her house, but be lenient also if she only wants to meet you at the theatre. Be sure to show up on time to make a good impression.

Buy tickets ahead. For a popular movie, you may need to line up to buy tickets at the theater. If the option is available, but tickets online before going to the movies. You will save time and conveniently go directly inside to buy snacks.

Dress appropriately. Overdressing to the movies will attract too much attention and may be a great turn off for your date. Dress casually in a stylish outfit. Dress also in layers as movie houses tend to get too cold and you may need to offer your jacket to your date. Ensure that the inner layers also provide warmth so you can still feel comfortable until the end of the movie.

If the evening progresses well, you may take her to dinner. Look for a good spot beforehand so you can proceed there right after the movie. However, do not get disappointed if your date wants to go home directly afterwards. If it is appropriate, you may ask for another date.

There are a bazillion smartphone apps to help you find a movie. Or you can use Google and get to business. Now, I'm from Dallas, so I'm probably going to search for a movie theatre in Dallas. Your mileage obviously varies depending on where you live (like obvi).

Take your date out and remember, movies ARE a good time. Just don't go taking your date to see something like Hotel Rwanda. Such a bad choice, btw.

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  1. I’m having a “friendly” date with someone and I’m nervous as hell. I don’t know what to do. I’m gonna try all your tips and hopefully when we get to greenbelt mall everything will fall into place. Hahahaha

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