A Relationship Compatibility Test That Fits Your Personality

compatibility test
compatibility test
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Many relationship experts will tell you our lives can take on a whole new dimension, if we choose the right person to be with. The truth is, other than your close family and friends a relationship compatibility test is easier than you think to figure out.

One of the most important things you want to establish if you want to test your compatibility in a relationship, is to know who you really are, and what core values you truly hold close to yourself.

Unfortunately, most people in relationships take themselves for granted and think they know what they want out of a compatible partner. But reality often sets in when you suddenly find out you have miscalculated or underestimated your partner’s capacity to accept the relationship.

You should, on all accounts, take the time to really understand yourself and try to realize how others see you through their own eyes. And the way you can do that is by establishing a relationship comparability test that you can internally apply to anyone who pose as a potential partner to you.

This is what you need to do in order to make sure your partner has passions, hopes, dreams and ideals the same or at least similar to yours. After all, if we remain shallow about understanding our own core values and only take interest in our idea partner, it’ll become really hard to find a real compatible partner who values you as much as we value them.
The trick with a good relationship compatibility test is to really “find” who you are at the core.

You should really take the time to see what your core values are. You need to know what “turns you on” in life.

  • Do you just love children?
  • Are you a “born” father or mother?
  • Are you the intellectual type?
  • Is art or shopping “your thing”?
  • Or perhaps you are more into mastering a foreign language and going around the world?

Don’t laugh at all of this. These types of questions are the secret behind many great lasting relationships.

You can’t go wrong answering these questions, really. They are just “tools” to use when establishing your own compatibility test to help you really see who you are, so that you can find someone you’ll be able to be happy with for years to come.
When you’re done with looking at yourself, it’s time to take a moment to think about your partner.

  • What’s the most important to you in your soul mate?
  • Are you into doing things together, and you won’t really like them “going out” on their own?
  • Do you have a specific character trait or two that they must have?
  • Are there any core beliefs the two of you absolutely must share?

When you first meet someone and your hormones are raging, it’s going to be easy to overlook these things. It’s important for you to realize, however, that the physical attraction you guys share will fade away quickly, and you’ll have one thing left…

…that thing will be who you really are. This is exactly why a good relationship compatibility test will help you.

Here’s an important tip:

Obviously a great way to ensure that you meet someone who is a good match with similar interests to you, is to hang out at gigs and events that interest you.

For example, if you like museums and arts you might meet someone with similar interests at your local museum or local town’s arts events – that way you know the two of you share at least one thing in common.

There’s one thing that’s extremely important.

You don’t want to be the exact same. If you find someone that you like, but you can tell they are a mirror image of yourself, go ahead and keep looking.

There’s nothing more mundane than someone exactly like you.

What you want instead is a partner that’s going to fulfill you in every possible way, which means he or she will be different from you, but compatible at the same time.
If there are some things unique to each of you, you can share them with each other which will create a good level of bonding

A relationship compatibility test is a great way to ensure you are happy in a relationship. Use these tips to setup your own compatibility standard in a relationship, as your way of saying my partner and I are compatible.

It’s great to be compatible. The one thing is, though, that there’s a fine line between compatibility and boredom. It’s crucial that you realize where that line is when it comes to your relationship.

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