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Women and Casual Sex

Are All Who Wander, Sexually, Lost?

Here's an interesting tweet that I saw retweeted and to make sure the context is correct, I've included the screenshot below.  Now, I gotta be honest with our readers here, I stepped in a bag of shit when I started...

/ July 14, 2012
Tree of Life

Watched the Tree of Life Six Months Ago… I Just Now Got it.

People who know me can count on the following: 1. I'm a two-bit shit head who's useful for little more than jokes and small talk; 2. I know computers n' stuff and can build you a pretty awesome website (like...

/ July 6, 2012
v-day lovers

Things You Can Do Instead of Killing Yourself After Being Alone on Valentine’s Day

When you're single on Valentine's Day, nothing in the world seems as bad as having to be surrounded by happy couples for 24 hours. Why should you have to watch people make out on the subway just because it's the...

/ February 21, 2012
Cheating men

This is for All Those Cheaters Out There

Hello dear readers, hecklers and others! It's a New Year and I'm introducing a new contributor to the site. Mr. Dr. Heath Cliffe, who runs a snazzy site called The Post and Bugle.  Read THE POST AND BUGLE…FOR MEN…and you’ll...

/ January 13, 2012
online yoga videos

Gaiam TV Streams Video Straight to Your Eye Holes!

At the Urban Dater, Taylor and I drink, tell bad jokes and watch lots of Television… Actually, that's not true. Taylor doesn't do that. She likes to read. Can you say BORING? I knew you could, class! However, given our...

/ January 9, 2012
I like Hollywood Sex Wars

Hollywood Sex Wars. A Movie About… Errr… Sex

With the Urban Dater, we're often presented with interesting opportunities and sometimes freebies. Like a free Brazilian Waxing! Or laser hair removal kits. Well, this time, we got to see a movie on the cheap. A premiere screening, at that,...

/ October 24, 2011

A Guy's Brutally Honest Evaluation of "The Rules"

Guess who is back from the trail? That's right our favorite bearded ginger the Good Badger, Zach Davis. He sent me an email last night taking a break from his serious writing & whipped up this gem. I laughed, I...

/ October 12, 2011
Inappropriate Showers

Should You Shower at Your Friend's Place if They Are of the Opposite Sex?

A discussion came up the other day. It had to do with showers. Not of the ‘golden' variety, people. Heads out of the gutter for a minute, please! I showered at a friends house not long ago, the friend is...

/ October 5, 2011