Yes, Yes! You Should Be “That Girl”

Relationship Advice: When to Be That Girl

One of the bizarre things about being in a relationship: Friends come to you for relationship advice, even when you may not be entirely qualified to give it. I ended up in a relationship when I did pretty much everything “wrong,” or so I thought at the time. My entire dating experience improved exponentially when I stopped giving a single fuck about being … [Read more...]

Fools Rush In

fools rush in

I see the summer romances in full bloom. Friends who were just asking me to introduce them to my friends are referencing to my lady or girl just weeks later. What the, you were just, what? Oh I get it, you we're so lonely that you rushed right into a long-term relationship. Well good luck with that. When choosing a potential life partner, I strongly … [Read more...]

11 Types Of Bad Blow Jobs

bad blow jobs

Every guy has a painful memory of a bad blow job, so I’ve highlighted the 11 most common to help re-live the experience. 1. The Grinder This girl just scrapes and grinds her way to a man’s ultimate dissatisfaction. Using a guy’s member as a chew toy, it’s 75% teeth and 25% of the desired suction. It’s no surprise that eventually she’s chomping down on … [Read more...]

Sex: Just Wrap It Up

dick in a box

Last night, as I was sitting at work, a few of my coworkers were sitting next to my desk, having this loud discussion about sex. One of them decided to share with the group that he was so pissed that this chick made him use a condom. He thought he was so clever when she asked him how the sex was for him and he answered, "well, fine, except for I'm fucking … [Read more...]

Dating Detox


I. Fucking. Quit. I'm taking a fucking break! A detox comes in many forms. The unifying theme is to rid oneself of an addiction to something shitty or something that, in large quantities is shitty for you. Alcohol, bacon, drugs... These are some things that people commonly detox from. For me? My shitty dating life. Yep. I'm sparing the women of Los … [Read more...]