The Girl Fight

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not too long ago, i was embroiled in an emotional entanglement with a no good person who made it past my filters during a vulnerable time. i won’t pretend it was all his fault: i let him in. once he pursued a little, i pursued back full force. it was an ill-fated relationship from the start, and i thought that by stating my desires out loud, i was setting … [Read more...]

High-Quality Men Don’t Fall in Love. They Jump In

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A stereotypical male probably loves his family, his room-mates and his local football team all in different ways. Yet, when it comes to loving a significant other, there are two main types - and the one you should aim for is far less romantic. Falling in love Let’s first discuss the romanticized ideology described as ‘falling in … [Read more...]

Five Guys You Don’t Want to be After Graduating To Texting

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So we met online, or at a bar, or maybe you stopped me on the way to the beer garden at a baseball game. Either way, I gave you my digits and with those numbers came an unspoken message: “Use them wisely”. Apple has more recently updated their software to allow me this amazing feature called “Block Caller” which permits me to hand out my number to all … [Read more...]

The Science Of Why We’re Scared To Speak To Gorgeous Women

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Sometimes, the world is a scary place. There are plenty of things that it's perfectly acceptable to be terrified of. We can easily explain why we're afraid of violence, heights, wild animals - it's the danger associated with them. Even fears of creepy-crawlies or crowded spaces are somewhat understandable. However, there's one fear that most modern men … [Read more...]

Tell Me Lies: Why Date Two is Harder to Score Than Date One.

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You lust over each other's Instagram accounts, exchange a couple of perfectly scripted emoji texts and he asks if you know of any great happy hours in the area. Assuming the final hurdle was just making sure your pictures match up with your true, unfiltered selves, you agree to meet for half priced drinks and some garlic aioli fries. His hand is on your … [Read more...]