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The Real Reason Ugly Guys Don’t Get Dates

Have you ever chickened out of approaching women because you didn’t feel good-looking enough? Do you feel doomed to a mediocre dating life due to your physical flaws? Maybe you feel too short for sex with a supermodel or too ugly to...

/ February 2, 2016
Love Advice

Relationship Advice That Never Goes Out of Style

Relationships are hard and they are tricky. We know we have to work at them and just because it’s broke doesn’t mean you ditch it. I’ve collected and listed out some things that I hold as truisms. Some of these are well-known bits...

/ January 28, 2016
rudolf Bonvie

Dating Mr. Unavailable is Unavoidable

Bridging the gap of unavailability This article was originally posted here: Unripe fruit is like unavailable love; it just isn’t good. -Angela Ah, unavailable love.  Wonka’s illustrious golden ticket to never ever-moving from emotional exchanges and passionate sex to...

/ January 5, 2016
Rebound Sex

Sorry, But You Attract What You Are

Yes, YOU. The only common thing in each and every single one of your relationships is YOU. There are a lot of theories attempting to understand the dynamics of love, and many offer compelling ideas about why we choose one...

/ December 31, 2015
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How to Get Over Someone You See Everyday – Don’t Keep Yourself Busy

Having Trouble Forgetting Someone? If you need to get over someone you see everyday, you have probably searched the internet using keywords like “How to get over someone you see every day” or “How to get over someone who is...

/ December 23, 2015

Save An Optimist, Give Honesty A Try

Image Credit One of the worst parts about online dating, or dating at all for that matter, is sifting through the pile of lies and misrepresentations you are handed by each potential new mate. Honesty seems to be an...

/ December 18, 2015

They Didn’t Text You Back!? The Horror.

So you’re really interested in someone and have been texting back and forth for a little while and suddenly… gasp… the texts stop. They haven’t responded to you in a few days. What to do? Here’s my short list of...

/ November 10, 2015
Putting women on a pedastal

The Pedestal Problem of Love

She answers the door wearing knee-high socks, booty shorts, and a tank top. I can feel myself smirking. As we walk into the living room, she says, “what’s the box you’re carrying?” “I got something for you!” She sits down...

/ November 4, 2015