Perspective is Everything.

Dating perspectives

My friends were there laughing. I'd just told them how I'd had a threesome with a cute woman and her chihuahua (not really, but the chihuahua really makes for a good punchline) and they were rolling. "Really!!?" they asked.  I went on to tell a couple of other woeful dating stories. Again, to more laughs. My friend, Dee, rolled her eyes as her best friend … [Read more...]

A Message on OkCupid


If you know me, you know that I'm a turd and generally an asshole. So when I tell my friends about the insane messages I sometimes send people they're not surprised and I'm sure you won't be either. I'm sharing a message I sent about a month ago to a user on OkCupid. There was a glaring strike, however: The fact she lived in Canada. Yep. Geographically … [Read more...]

Online Dating Tips for Women

Online Dating Tips for Women

Most of the people who come to this site are women. Which is great. I love the fuck out of women. With the holidays upon us, I've thought a lot about why women get frustrated with dating online. The fact of that matter is that my male brethren kind of suck. That is, we're all a bunch of dorks; turds and general fuck heads who have little idea about what … [Read more...]

Advertising on the Urban Dater


If you're single then you know what it's like to go home to an empty bed. We, at the Urban Dater, understand that all too well. Sometimes you need a little sumpin' sumpin'. What the fuck am I getting at anyway? I'll get to the point, kids. You may or may not know that we take on advertisers on the Urban Dater and we field a lot of questions from potential … [Read more...]

A Letter From the Editor

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Mother fuckin' August, beeches! Man, where did the year go?? I mean, really? Where? Anyway, I wanted to do a quick 'check-in' post and let folks know how we're doing here, on the Urban Dater because I think it's rad to do that from time to time, that and I just don't write as much as I should. As you all know, I'm on a dating detox. Meaning, I'm taking … [Read more...]